Blue Star Nutraceuticals PPK Shred Review

Blue Star Nutraceuticals PPK Shred Review

I think I underestimated the energy kick from 1 serving. The first time I used it, I think I had a negative mind set on how it was going to hit me. A level scoop has been hitting pretty hard. I’ve done a slightly rounded scoop and that hits really hard. So a level scoop will work out just fine for me.

A couple times I’ve got a weird feeling in my head about 20 minutes after my workout when I’m chilling on my way to work. It’s not really a headache but a tightness in the front of my head. I think this happened when I did the rounded scoops. The feeling lasted for about an hour. I did a level scoop this morning and may have felt it a little. I’ll monitor this closely and report back.

@Adidasshorts do you have any info on the small dose of N-Acetyl L-Carnitine HCL? I’m going to look into a few other ingredients and just get some general knowledge when I have some time.


I too like Alcar in higher doses, however, if you look at doses needed for cognitive enhancement you can get this from a few hundred mgs with higher amounts showing even better research and not to mention some other rather unknown benefits of alcar.

Now if you add in ingredients that have been shown to really help work in tandem with l-Carnitine with ECGc being one and mostly choline sources being the others.


So you’re saying the small dose is more aimed at enhancing the cognitive effect rather than helping with fat burning - “It plays a crucial role in the production of energy by transporting fatty acids into your cells’ mitochondria”? I just assumed it would be used for its fat burning potential since it’s in the Shred version.


I would actually like to see a higher dose as well. I am saying that even a small dose has benefits and since it’s still a pwo, you will have some effects with even a 300mg dose. It’s still a pwo (not a fat loss supplement like say, Blade)at the end of the day, just has ingredients geared toward helping support someone in a caloric deficit.

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@Adidasshorts please educate me on Vanadyl Sulfate. I’m doing research on it and it looks to have GDA properties. If I’m thinking correctly, wouldn’t you want to take this before a meal? You normally aren’t eating a meal right before you workout. And you really don’t need a GDA for your post workout meal because your insulin sensitivity is already high then. I’m also looking at the dosing. 5mg seems pretty low. I’m seeing it sold in capsule form at 10mg per capsule mostly. The lowest I see is 7.5mg and the highest dose is 20mg. So please tell me why Vanadyl Sulfate was included in a pwo and at this dose.


It’s improves Carnitine bioavailability


Last Thursday was legs/triceps/calves. Something that I’m noticing at one level scoop is good energy/stimulation. But I feel like I just don’t have “it” at the start of my workout. I start out my workout with light weight 10 x 10 squats with very little rest. This exercise is intimidating and I feel like I don’t have a fire in me for it. Next is RDLs SS leg ext which is brutal too. It’s not until after this that I start to feel good about my workout. I’m sure the intensity and being in a calorie deficit has something to do with it too.

On Saturday, I tried 1 1/3 scoop. The kids were not kind to me sleeping Friday night so I needed a little extra for Saturday’s workout. Plus it was shoulders/biceps/forearms, not insanely intense and breathing doesn’t get out of control. Let me tell you this dosage hits HARD. Lots of stimulation that lasts a long time. Effects are very noticeable for 5+ hours. I did get a good mood lift about 15 minutes into my workout. Only negative is the weird frontal head feeling/headache is apparent for a couple hours post workout.


And I thought I was crazy on the headache thing. Glad to know its not just me!

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Uh oh. So you guys are getting headaches?


I have been since day 1 using PPK, whenever i try a different pre (FullBlitz, C4, C4 Ultimate) I don’t get any headaches


Man that is so odd with the headaches. The stim blend from the PPK to the new types is a little less in the new ones. So if any compound would cause headaches it would have to be the nootropics. We don’t have any feedback like that from the old PPK so it’s odd that less of these ingredients would cause it. I have been using PPK Power weekly now and nothing of that sort.

I did deliver that feedback though to BS.


I actually had a really good leg/tricep/calf workout today. I got into it a lot earlier. I even got an extra rep on one of my heavy squat sets. I’m going to attribute this to the massive cheat meal I had Saturday night. But PPK certainly helped getting me into the groove today. I still am having the slight tightness feeling in the front of my head post workout. It’s not a typical headache for me.

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Over halfway through the tub now, I’m tasting a lot more Margarita - so weird. And that dry feeling in the taste that I spoke of, I think it’s from the green tea. I had some cold green tea yesterday, and it left the same feeling in my mouth.

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I’m nearing the end of my tub, so I’ll wrap up this thread with some additional thoughts.

  • one level scoop - pretty good energy supplement with minor performance benefits from Peak ATP
  • one rounded scoop - potent energy with decent mood boost that lasts a good 5 hours
  • Would I buy this? Sorry, but no. I feel the ingredients that make up the Shred version are under dosed. The mood lift that I think they were going for is only apparent for me at a rounded scoop which makes this supplement really expensive. The dose of Carnitine is too low to actually assist in fat burning but is used to help improve focus. A few times, I stacked PPK Shred with 5g Citrulline and 2g Taurine. This makes for a really good PWO. Instead of Shred, I would opt for the Power which contains efficacious doses of Betaine, Beta Alanine, and Creatine. These ingredients are going to help with performance and increase calorie expenditure.

Thanks for the opportunity to try this new supplement out. As stated, I did enjoy the experience at a rounded scoop.

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Hey brother, We appreciate you taking the time to review. Feedback whether positive or constructive is important to us especially as we always want to deliver on our products. Reading through, you did see some effectiveness and some drawbacks to your use. I am okay with that since we can learn from your experience. I agree hard on the Power version as this is the main one I use and seriously enjoy.

Thank you again for your honest feedback! If you get the chance, follow us on Facebook and Instagram as we run many promos and you can find that we will be updating many formulas this year.