Black Lion Research - Vector - New Natural Anabolic Log!

I’m currently in Week 5 and going great. Strength is up slightly (2-3 reps on compound lift working sets) and my bodyweight is up 2 pounds, eating the same as before I began. The VASO6 makes for a good pump which hangs around awhile too. No negative sides to speak of at this time.


Still going with Vector. I believe I will be done with my first bottle by the weekend, and I have some more thoughts.

In one of my last posts I mentioned that today was supposed to be deadlifts, 3x6x315 (3 sets, 6 reps) where my previous, struggled best was 1x5x315 on 2/23/18. Also on that struggled best, I had to use mixed grip all 5 reps. Today I used a mixed grip only on the last 2 reps of sets 2 & 3 because I wasn’t trusting my grip anymore for 6 reps, otherwise 14 of 18 reps were double overhand, how I prefer to pull unless going for a 1RM.

Really happy with this. BB Overhead Press also went well at 3x6x110 (current 1RM is 135). Form may not have been super strict, but it was strict enough lol. If I can’t increase with strict enough form next week, I’ll just continue with this weight/rep scheme.

Currently eating around 360-370c, 250-260p, 110-115f. I’m actually debating dropping carbs to help minimize further fat gain…not sure yet.

Not sure I’m seeing much special body comp changes yet with Vector, but maybe strength gains?


Just popping in for an update with Vector.

I believe I just started week 6 on this stuff, and, similar to my last update, lifts are feeling really good.

Full disclosure - last Monday I actually dropped a TON of calories from my daily intake - cut out about 100g of carbs off the bat to try to turn my Vector run into more of a recomp since I think that’s better suited for my current BF%. With that said, going into today (day 7 of macro change), I’ve eaten close to 3000 calories total less than usual (almost a whole day’s worth of calories!). I was worried last night (before bed thoughts lol) that my training might be rough today, but all went great.

I was supposed to do 3x4 (3 sets, 4 reps) on bench per my current program, but had at least another rep in me each set and hit 3x5 instead. My bench is still poverty (185lb 1RM), so hitting 3x5x165 felt pretty awesome. Prior to that, I warmed up with 1x12x135 and 1x10x155, and squats were the lift prior that also felt great.

Per my last update two weeks ago, deadlift and OHP’s were feeling awesome. That success continued last week when I hit 3x5x325 DL and 3x5x115 OHP. So far on Vector I haven’t necessarily hit weight PR’s because I haven’t attempted to, but I’m absolutely killing overall volume PR’s. With bench today, as the sets went on…strength felt like it was going up. The feeling was clear as day.

In just a few weeks, per the program, I will be attempting 1RM’s. Can’t wait to see what those hold. :smiley:

Otherwise, the mirror isn’t really showing me anything special. I’m guessing with my recent macro switch up I will start seeing some leaness though. I just hope the carb drop isn’t too detrimental to my progress. I’ll be keeping an eye on it. I was told today that I used to look like a string bean a year ago and my arms are starting to make me look like I lift, so that’s something I guess? lol


Back for a weekly update.

Still eating around 2800 calories (~220p, ~280c, ~85f). The first week of doing this I must’ve dried out really fast. In one week I lost 4lbs (205.8ish to 201.8). I’m not too surprised since I dropped close to 1000 calories lol. This morning, after the 2nd week of eating these macros, I was sitting at 203.0lbs, up a little over a pound compared to last week. It may just be some water/glycogen though because of a semi-big meal for Mother’s Day dinner last night (decent bit of pasta + large breaded chicken). I’ll check again on Friday morning.

Last week went awesome. I already mentioned how well bench and squat went in my last post, but deadlifts and OHP went perfectly as well the next day. Deadlifts were a little heavier than anticipated (3x4x330) after doing 3x5x325 the week prior, but I got them done. I think I didn’t have the best sleep the night before is all, if I remember correctly.

Anyway, quick update on today. As usual, bench and squat along with a few accessories were scheduled. Today started 3x3 week (getting closer to attempting new 1RM’s!), bench 3x3, squat 3x3, some face pulls and rear delt rows at 3x8 with increasing weight each set for accessory work. Bench was scheduled 3x3x170, squat 3x3x220. In light of the US Open I watched all weekend, I was working on extra good form with bench with a decent pause at the bottom. With that said, bench felt REALLY good again. I was feeling “cheeky” and instead of 3x3, I did 1x4, 1x3 (meant to go for 4…whoops), and 1x5. I think each set was a PR, but I’d have to go back and check my notes. Each rep had at least a 1-2 second pause at the bottom so I was really happy with this. I think I even felt proper leg drive occurring, which is something I’m still trying to perfect. Squats went fine - deep and solid as usual. Stuck with 3x3 there.

As for Vector, I think one of the main effects I’m feeling, besides seriously vivid dreams almost nightly, is the endurance/strength aspect. As I was benching today, I felt like I had a good bit in the tank, but held off to stick closer to the program. My strength, set by set, felt like it was increasing. Each set at 170 felt better than all warm up sets (1x10x135, 1x5x155). This is something I historically have never felt. For example, when I did an X-Gels run, things started falling apart as the sets went on. With Vector I almost feel unstoppable. Is it Vector or am I just getting better at compound lifts? We may never know! lol

Lastly - I finally snagged myself a couple tubs of Performax Hypermax after loving a single sample I had. I used a scoop today and absolutely loved it again. It’s like RE1GN, just a little less of a stim bomb. I can see myself using this stuff daily and RE1GN on days I need something a little extra (like tomorrow for OHP/Deadlifts).

I hope my long-winded posts aren’t too much. I like to include a good bit of detail here to be as open as possible. I may report back tomorrow after OHP/DL, or I may continue sticking to weekly updates. Going to tag @BRUNDEL here so he’s aware of these updates as I have a feeling he frequents here less than the AM forum. Talk to everyone soon!

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Hey brother it seems like things are going well. I’m surprised your gaining strength in deficit. Pretty awesome. I feel like if your taking something anabolic you should be able to make gains you normally would not. You should be able to progressively increase reps and weight within reason. It seems like this is happening. Impressed with the progress so far bro. Keep it up.
And yes… Please. Always tag me where relevant. I’ll jump right in as the tag hits my phone.


Oh yeah! I’m really shocked at how my strength is hanging around. If anything, at nearly 1000 calories less than 2 weeks ago, I feel better in some ways - less bloat, endurance getting better each week, strength remains going upward. My bench is better than it’s ever been (always had a poverty bench because I haven’t had access to a real one until early 2017), my squat feels solid, and I can deadlift a decent volume now.

I’m really excited to see what my 1RM’s are going to be. I think I’ll finally be in the big ol’ 200+ club for bench! My previously stated 1RM’s from the first post are still current as I haven’t attempted for a new one since starting my current program. The only lift I’m not expecting to go up is front squat as I’ve not been doing them as much anymore. I did hit a set of 4-5 at 185lbs a week ago, so front squat strength is still up there.

Thanks for popping in, Brundel!

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Quick little report!

On last Monday, 5/7, as I mentioned, I dropped a ton of carbs from my daily intake along with some fat in the process. I mainly aimed to drop calories, and some carbs and fat were the easiest to let go of. I went from ~3700 calories to 2800, fairly strict (usually 6 of 7 days a week are strict, the 7th day might be a little over/under).

On 5/7, I weighed 205.5 with a 36.25" waist line (measured around belly button). Today I weighed in at 199.2 and waist came in a touch over 34.5. So either I was made of water nearly two weeks ago and lost that, or I just lost a super quick 6lbs and fair amount of size from my waist REALLY quick from Vector and/or solid diet. I’m not sure what to blame this on, but last time I was eating 2800 calories, I was maintaining somewhere in the realm of 196-198lbs I believe. With that said, I wasn’t nearly as strong as where I am now (still weak though, #sadface), so I’m really happy with this progress.

Again, I’m always hesitant to point this at a supplement, especially when I know I threw myself into an extreme deficit. Thing is, I am surprised at how quick this is all happening. I know Vector has GDA/fat burning effects. Could this be happening, or just the solid diet kicking in? I’ll keep everyone updated. Very fortunately, strength is still up. :slight_smile:

Next plan of action… Deciding how I should treat the final tub of Vector. Back into a surplus? Maybe.


Popping in for an update.

Decided to carb load a little last night since I really haven’t had a solid refeed in a week or two, and I figured it was perfect timing for training this morning. Ended up around 350c rather than my typical 260c as of late, so not a crazy “refeed”, but felt good.

Killed it today in the gym! By killed it I mean still baby numbers, but things are moving upward.

Scheduled was 3x3x230 squat - hit all sets DEEP and without a hitch. Bench was scheduled for 3x3x175. I ended up doing 2 sets of 3 at 175 and a set 5(!!) reps at the top set at 175. Again with that increasing strength as sets go on! To note, my previous best bench session included 1 set of 1.5 reps (failed second half way up) @ 185lbs, and another 185lb single. At the rate I’m going, I think my 1RM is in the 200lb range for the first time! :scream:

I’ll continue to keep everyone updated. As always, i’ll do a weigh-in on this Friday along with waist measurement. Still waiting to see how my body ends up at the end of this bottle of Vector. Might continue with these macros if my strength manages to continue rising, might throw in a bunch of calories again.

How do you really know how much vector is doing when you constantly skew your nutrition and daily intake? Without it being consistent and adding in the variable (vector) how do you know exactly how
Much the supplement can truly do in a controlled environment ?

Most of the time adjustments in dietary intake play the major role in changes for Fatloss , strength gains etc. it would be more detailed and accurate if you kept
Intake steady your entire lot ans just added vector and changed nothing else. That would let you know truly what vector can do when all else isn’t changed and that’s the only variable that has been manipulated

When I see lots of people run logs they are constantly changing

  • nutrition
  • volume
  • cardio
  • cheats or refeeds

Granted anyone who adds 500-1000 calories will gain strength and weight and vice verse for cutting or adding more cardio but when so many things are changes it’s almost impossible to know how much vector or X supplement did during your run

Just my take on seeing logs and when people change so many aspects during a run. Makes it almost
Impossible to know how much the “supplement” truly made a difference or not. I see people log natty anabolics and praise them for adding 8 pounds of
Muscle in a 8-10 week log when in reality they added over 1000 calories compared to week one which makes you raise an eyebrow how
Much was nutrition and how much was the magical pill

Hell someone on another forum increased their clomid intake and also was using 3 natty anabolics before his vector run and blamed his testosterone doubling on vector which isn’t even marketed as a test booster
Which raises some big red flags


Gospel right here, I completely agree. Give me your anabolic, no routine changes, no food intake changes, and let’s see what results I get. Those are the type of logs I want to see. That should be a requirement for any log


I have seen people on other message boards who work for BLR and preach vector say this to people who are going to run or log vector

“Double your caloric intake, add vector, I bet you will see great gains”

well no SHIT, anyone dumbass knows that. Same with stacking Follidrone 2.0 and vector. Yeah Vector made me do so much. How can someone be so true to a product when they are stacking multiple products that have overlapping properties!? Some things don’t make sense, and it is very hard to correlate what you read in logs to “Real world claims”.

With so many skewed variables and nothing ever being controlled it is hard to know how much potential these products truly have. Besides that they have claims that are unrealist for natural based products. BLR are comparing Vector to mild PH’s and Sarms. I have yet to see a log on someone who doesn’t change their training or nutrition and see these gains or benefits of the product.


Damn, that’s the most intense I’ve seen you, @TheSolution. Passionate about the subject?

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It is just foolish to take these logs with a grain of salt when they constantly change variables.
It is inaccurate to a company, and its not true to what the product label claims.
Anyone who lowers their calories will lose weight, so you are not being true to how much X made you lose weight, fat, or help you lean up. Vice versa with bulking and gaining.

In the end its wasted time for a company, and its a great way to skew the feedback on what the product can do in a controlled environment which you don’t see done anynmore. Therefore it helps try and back a company who puts outlandish claims on a product.

Anyone can say a “Natural product is as strong as D-Bol” we saw that with USP Labs back in the day. How many people made D-Bol like gains on a natural testosterone booster!? None. Should be illegal by the FDA IMO. let alone these companies making these “natural anabolics” or “test boosters” don’t have any research or studies to back their product with training routines and nutrition that was followed on subjects. They just say oh yeah man strongest booster on the market, will make you gain X or Y muscle in so many weeks. Yet no research or backing to the product.

That is as bad as companies who spike protein powders. Business ethics not even once.


I stopped reading at:

“How do you really know how much vector is doing when you constantly skew your nutrition and daily intake?”

So I dropped about 900 calories in one swoop to mitigate fat gain while allllllll the time prior to that (even before my first bottle of Vector) I was in a constant surplus. I’m still pushing more weight than I ever have, nearly 3 full weeks later, while eating 900 calories less with consistency, besides two refeed meals in the last almost 3 weeks.

The last time I was eating 2800 calories was when I was initially ramping my calories up slowly, probably toward the end of December since I started my “bulk” on 12/4/17 at 2700 calories (300 above my original maintenance cals).

Not sure I have been “constantly” skewing my macros, but believe what you wish. Prior to Vector I was constantly skewing them upward as the weight got heavier. That’s it.

BTW, made another deadlift PR today and crushed OHP’s. Still starving daily at 2800 calories lol AND had garbage sleep last night. Oh and still dreaming basically nightly at this point with Vector. Never had so many dreams in my life…


Something else I am starting to notice from Vector (may have been happening all along?) - recovery time is reaaally good. When I was using X-Gels a little while back, my body would break on Monday (first day of 4 day split), and my training sessions would go downhill FAST from there.

Now doing my current 4 day split, with Wednesday as recovery day, I am feeling 90-95+% each session. DOMS last maybe a day, if existent, and joints feel perfect again by the following week since I do 2 heavy days Mon/Tues, 2 moderate assistance type days on Thurs/Fri.

I’m almost positive i’ll run my 3rd bottle of Vector. I personally feel/see the effects. Muscle fullness is there, definition is coming out (even according to the lady) and the weights are going upward.

On another forum, people are really reporting results in 7-10 days. I feel that’s pretty far-fetched unless I’m just a slow responder to the ingredients. It took me until week 5-6 to really start feeling and seeing some changes, which is why I’m excited to run my 3rd bottle.

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You changed 900 calories during your run. There is a massive change in your nutrition which is 6,3000 kcals a week. When you manipulate variables how do you know what vector could do when all things are equal and nothing is changed?

What I am saying is find me a controlled log, nothing modified, nothing changed, and just ADD vector. Then show me if it meets all the label claims and what everyone else is preaching, saying, and what the reps keep marketing.

Until I see a log where someone keeps everything the same, and adds only vector and they magically double their testosterone (like one user reported with bloodwork). Or can find me PH / Sams like gains that I will be intrigued.

When dietary changes are made there will always be growth or loss (surplus or deficit) with or without a supplement.

Keep sleep time consistent
Dietary changes the same
And training frequency the same

Then add the supplement.

Once you start making small transitions and variations (ex, training intensty and volume) you benefit from that alone. However if you’re taking a “natural anabolic” at the same time, one starts to attribute the “gains” to the supplement when in reality it’s because you added another stimuli


Weekly update time! This will be a two-part update (Monday and Tuesday sessions).

Everything has remained consistent intake wise besides yesterday during Memorial Day eating festivities lol. I didn’t go overboard - maybe a bit of extra carbs and not enough protein if I had to guess since I wasn’t able to record.

With that said, prior to those eating festivities yesterday, I still managed to get my typical Monday gym session in. This week is 3x2 (3 sets, 2 reps) as I’m getting closer to 1RM week. Volume is decreasing but weight is still increasing week by week. I really like this scheme I noticed. I have yet to stall like I have in the past using 5x5 programming, so I really wouldn’t mind running this program again.

Anyway, yesterday called for 3x2x235 squat which I nailed. It actually flew if I had to describe it. Sometimes I have slight trouble getting out of the hole, but after that the weight just flies. Bench called for 3x2x180. I was confident with this, but knowing my previous max was 2x1x185, I was slightly worried. I managed to hit 3x3x180! I was training with my fiance for once yesterday and she thought I was shaky while warming up (she noticed at 165 I believe). I then told her how my bench magically gets better when I get to my top set and she witnessed it for herself. I somehow lift less shaky/smoother by the time I get to my top sets. I guess I’m just fully warmed up by then which = less shaky? lol. Either way, I’m pumped. So excited to check my new bench 1RM. I’m guessing it’ll be a touch over 200lbs finally. I know it’s still poverty but I’m getting places!

Today was OHP/Deadlift day, same 3x2 scheme. OHP called for 3x2x130 (previous 1RM of 135) and I nailed it, which, again, makes me excited to test my new 1RM. I don’t care a whole lot for OHP 1RM, but it’ll still be nice to have a better number. Deadlifts were 3x2x365, and, for the first time during this training block, I had to move to mixed grip. The first set I hit 1.5 reps double overhand before my grip gave out (feelsbadman). Otherwise, once switching to mixed grip, all sets were completed fine. This was definitely the toughest session. It’s either lack of proper food yesterday or the weight is just getting to its heaviest point, which would make sense.

That’s all I have for now. Sorry it’s a big wall of text.

As for Vector, I just cracked open my 3rd and final (for now) tub. I’m still noticing a slight recomp effect, and potentially this strength that’s been blowing my mind - bench in particular. My recovery still feels just as good, slight DOMS today from yesterday, but they’ll be gone by Thursday’s session most likely.

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And that right there is the attitude more lifters, especially young ones, need to have

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Very true. I’m slowly finding that having confidence and the proper mentality going into a training session is key. I’m content with my progress after only a little over a year of barbell training and proper dieting. I’m sooo close to my goals I can taste it… Just have to keep consistent (also key!). All this time I’ve been training I have had no mental game and I truly feel that, besides the inconsistent diet, it has hindered some gains because I’d be afraid to go heavy.


mentality, attitude, and visualization of success are better than any pre-workout in my experience. Lack those and it doesn’t matter what you take.