Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals

Thought this could be a good thread. Basically put in which supplements you are intending to buy if they go on sale on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. This way if someone see’s a deal they can post it and give you a heads up! Here are some things I will be on the lookout for:


  • Proven EAA
  • Intra-Blast (Yup I like this better than Alpha EAA)
    —Maybe something else that goes on sale that I have not tried like Primeval or any recommendations


  • KSM-66 (Either SNS or Nutrabio)
  • Maybe I will get some Alpha GPC as people seem to enjoy taking that as a stand alone


  • Proven Egg
  • Some flavor from a reputable brand that looks cool, do not need much here, but may stock up a bit

Sleep Aid

  • Blade PM (this is still my favorite one) or Amino PM
    –Again or something I have not tried that looks good!!!

How about you guys?

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Proven Egg
Alpha EAA
Nutraone Creations
Multis or Fish Oils
Outright Bars or ON Wafers


If you can’t beat $26/Tub of vasoblitz let me know. I can get you that ATM

Gonna wait till next week to see what deals they throw up. Waiting on you CP reveal as well

Once I know you will have an email. We have 65+ Deals lined up (From what HQ Told us)
You may see Pink Burst Fuel come back as well (Very limited quantity) + the 2 new fuel flavors.


I’ll keep an eye out.

What are the top tier GDA products now? I’m starting to see the bottom of my Primalog. Is it still one to stick with?

Chaos and Pain Predator
HPS Glycoshield

I have tested both on my blood glucose monitor and found them to baseline my BG the quickest.
but again that varies from person to person. I would suggest using a monitor and gauging how fast you respond to a certain formula.

Use 25,50,75,100g of carbs. Test BG Before meal and 90 minutes after
utilize on cheat meals

form your own consensus, and then purchase as you find what suits you

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Fun fact, primeval is ALWAYS on sale…I’m starting to get skeptical with how often they’ve been running sales. Doesn’t seem right to me from coming from a retail standpoint

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Always been a big fan of Glycophase personally, BUT I haven’t ventured away from it. Just know it’s good, but can’t actually compare to others. Label is certainly impressive and pumps are great

That’s where my apprehension comes from. They have good stuff on the label, maybe not enough of it?

Something is coming up short somewhere, or they just want to move inventory quickly.

I’m pretty sure the reason they are on sale all the time comes down to cheaper formulas, people buying bulk due to the sales being bogo, and them being a slightly more popular company.

Their formulas for the most part aren’t very expensive, and don’t push the envelope.

Regardless, constant BOGO’s is not a good sign for any company, unless you’re insane labs in which case…idgaf because they’re absolute utter shit

My Protein sells for dirt cheap, That is beyond a red flag.

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Well I always look at their proteins. It’s only like 18g per serving plus aren’t they a manufacturer in themselves. I know they have a factory here in Kentucky from what I understand

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Outside of lacking in protein flavor and specialty products, what would a multi-billion dollar company like THG do to be red flagged IYO?

And they also recently raised their prices, so not as dirt cheap anymore.

Same here. Just gotta do some math to figure out value based on the 3600g of protein per 11 pound bag.

Have I missed their 3rd party test or COA?
I just find it hard to believe when you can get 10lbs of their stuff for $50-60 when I see it advertised all the time. it just makes me wonder how that can be possible with the cost of raw materials on the market for whey protein now and days.

I can google for MyProtein 3rd party test or COA and i find a bunch of Labdoor stuff, which we both know is bogus. Some of the proteins on there that are spiked (don’t meet label claims) rate above others who actually meet label claims.

personally I get they are cheap and people flock after them because they are pinching pennies, but it just makes me question with the cost of raw materials how you can see them on sale all the time and selling at a very low cost. I could be wrong, but always willing to learn.

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What percentage of brands would you say openly publish their 3rd party testing/COA’s? If they raised their prices (which they recently just did) and the cost was more inline with other major brands like ON, Dymatize, Gaspari, Ghost etc., would there be less red flags then?

Maybe they decided to go the Costco route and make their profit through volume of sales with lower prices to the consumer vs less volume with higher prices like others.

With how many flavors of protein they have in the various different bag sizes, I could imagine they are one of the largest raw material buyers in the UK and USA.

I guess only time will tell if they ever get caught spiking their protein or shortchanging the consumer. Maybe @PricePlow can answer this question by getting a third party test of some of the MyProtein products they have received recently.


Just a heads up

A Vitamin shoppe in my work area jumped the gun and put the black Friday labels up. All C4 cans will be $1. This includes the Ultimate.

The guy said he would honor it since he messed up… But i was in my work truck and couldn’t take advantage until after hours.