Bill to Make Selling SARMs ILLEGAL Proposed in the Senate

Bill to Make Selling SARMs ILLEGAL Proposed in the Senate


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The SARMs Control Act of 2018 to officially make SARMs illegal and enforceable by the DEA Last November, we wrote that SARMS were on the ropes after the FDA sent warning letters. This week Utah Senator Orrin Hatch introduced a bill that would make a SARMS ban official — and… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

Bill to Make SARMs ILLEGAL Proposed | Mark Glazier Interview


Sad they’ll just have idiots in congress not even read this Bill… they hear Steriods? Yeah lets make this illegal. I dont & never will use SARMs but this is just going to clamp down on people right to choice. Def do not like the choice of words especially for future legal battles
7 … shall be considered to be a SARM for purposes of (:expressionless: )
9 ‘‘(I) has been created or manufactured with the
11 ‘‘(aa) promotes muscle growth; or :rage:
12 ‘‘(bb) otherwise causes a pharmacological
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They always have to ban the stuff that works. 90% of the stuff on the shelves you can buy now is pretty much worthless for building muscle.


That was what I thought too. This opens up the door for them. What’s next and where does it stop ? It’s very unclear in the wording. This is the problem with banning substances, they can make it too vague. Let’s hope for one, the bill DOES NOT pass. If it does, let’s it gets re-worded before it does. I believe in a person’s right to choose what he or she takes. It’s called freedom.

If the government truly wants to ban substances that are harmful, start with cigarettes and alcohol. These 2 alone will kill more people in 1 day than SARMS ever has and ever will in its existence. The government’s type of thinking here is flawed logic.


The bill will 110% pass without question, but given Senator Hatch’s reputation, they will most likely reword it.


This. Sadly Cigarette and Alcohol companies make a profit and help fill the pockets of the people in the gov seats. So probably never will happen. Best we get is the band-aid “cigarettes cause cancer” on the packs…but that doesn’t stop them from making it.


What else struck me funny is how Mark said the supplement companies are all for this bill. Well, of course they are! They about have to be.They know the stuff they sell cannot produce 1/10th the results of what SARMS do. They can’t compete so they want to get behind a bill like this and bash those who sell SARMS. I give my most respect to Tony Huge of Enhanced Athlete for selling them and educating us all this time about SARMS. He is truly a pioneer of freedom.


You’re missing the main point man. These products are drugs. not Dietary Supplements. This has nothing to do with freedom, results, or money. It’s about a product classification.

If you choose to use PEDs, that’s all well and fine. But don’t act like they’re classified under DSHEA or suitable for OTC.


Surprised it took this long. “Research chemicals” or sarms or whatever are almost always patent pending or under development from a pharmaceutical company and not under rights to sell otc from any company especially as a dietary supplement.

Companies selling it are pretty much stealing while they can possibly get away with it.



One thing we failed to mention in this video is that it would become unlawful to import, export, manufacture, distribute, dispense, or possess with intent to manufacture, distribute, or dispense.

Being in the business, Mark and I hit it from that angle.

Nobody’s going to kick your doors down for having it. But if you are a company trying to sell it, you are taking major risks.

If yall would have left the stuff in the underground baggies on the dark web without putting them in capsules, labeling them as supplements, offshoring foreign businesses, and making ridiculous YouTube videos, it probably would have stayed there longer. But you wanted attention and you certainly got it.

We may argue about nuances of DSHEA 1994, but I think it’s proven to be pretty fair as Congress originally wrote it.

This ridiculous boat-rocking is not good for the long-term health of this industry. The more this nonsense happens, the worse our chances become.

Let’s not live in a world where fish oil is only available via prescription. Don’t give them that chance.


I knew it was a matter of time. I would imagine that a lot of the current supplement companies are jumping up and down for this bill to pass. Half of the s#*t you can buy from many of these companies don’t do a damn thing for you. Never fails though, get rid of what works and leave the bs on the shelves.

Since they are so concerned about “drugs” and potential dangers to a persons health, how 'bout the ban cigarettes or alcohol. Nah. I didn’t think so.


I agree with the last statement, but with that being said, SARMS are drugs, period. I have ran a few cycles before, which yielded good results. Too many bunk companies and others selling spiked products (used to work Supp retail), calling them “SARMS” to really trust any one of them. Also they were only generally regarded as safe when used in the clinical doses, which MAYBE one or two companies were actually dosing at. It’s going to cause the Gov’t to come down harder on us as whole if we can’t police ourselves. Remember the Zuckerburg trial, and one specific quote from Rep. Billy Long? “There are two things Congress is good at. They are doing nothing, and overreacting. We’re getting ready to overreact”. It was only a matter of time before the federal government stepped in


It’s finally nice to see someone who agrees with me. I can’t believe we are in the minority about this.


Sarms are a poke in the eye in this industry. You can complain all you want, it’s that kind of carelessness that places this industry on the radar versus actually taking an effort, research to bring something worthwhile in this industry.

A valid complaint would be if they were going after the dhea analogues which are compliant.


Have you tried SARMS ?


Brawn, that’s not the point we’re trying to make. Some of us have, others have not. It’s about the overall picture and how to prevent the Fed Gov’t from labeling all “actual” supplements as drugs, which they tried to do back in 1994. If you hadn’t read up on Senator Hatch, he’s the same one who prevented the government from doing this to our industry. SARM’s being widely available to the general public is not good for us because at that point, they’re being mascaraded as being “dietary supplements” which they are NOT. I’m completely for doing whatever you want, as I have a very libertarian mindset, but the Law is the Law, and it’s not worth losing everything else or being thrown in jail


I know about Senator Hatch. Those companies that called SARMS supplements were not legit to begin with. Had you tested their “so called” SARMS, I am certain it wouldnt contain what the label claims. And if there were any at all, it be so minimal it would not have an effect and clearly not the amount the lablel claimed.
I bought my SARMS from Enhanced Athlete. I started following Tony when he had just a handful of subscribers and followers. Not once did he ever claim or sell them as supplements. They were always research chemicals. Newroids is another legit company. He never claimed them as supplements either. These 2 are the only ones I trusted when it came to their products.


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