Best Tasting Supplements

I made a worst tasting supplement thread, I figured I would start a best tasting thread…

My favorites for taste are…

Protein - Dymatize ISO-100 - Peanut Butter and Orange Dreamsicle- 2nd.
MTS Whey - Mint Cookies N’ Cream
Pre-workout - Beyond Raw-LIT - Gummy Worm Flavor 2nd- Controlled Labs - White Flood- bubblegum
BCAA’s - Scivation Xtend - Liked blood orange the best but all flavors are really good.

Best tasting of Old was Joe Weider’s - Big, it was a protein/mass drink.


I’ll play!

Protein: MTS Whey PB Cookies & Cream (although, Brawn, my fiance would agree on the Mint with you)
Pre-Workout: there’s been many… my favorite as of late is Redcon1 Total War Watermelon
BCAA: (edit) Olympus Labs Endur3 Snake Venom
Protein Bar: Muscletech Nitro-Tech Birthday Cake, Oh Yeah! One Maple Glazed Donut as a close second
Protein Cookie: L&L Snickerdoodle, Muscletech Birthday Cake bar as a close second
Meal Replacement: Redcon1 MRE - tie between Sweet Potato Pie and Blueberry Cobbler

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I like MTS Peanut butter cookies and cream to but that mint just has that nice kick to it. I like mint too.

I definitely like the mint as well, but being a peanut butter freak forces me to side with the PB C&C. Both amazing flavors along with the regular C&C.

Being biased for sure since I used to work for Myokem, but their Nitramine Dragonfruit was great

BPI Blox was amazing as well. Only fruit punch I’ve ever been really fond of

Protein - Gaspari Precision Protein Neapolitan & Cinnamon Cereal Crunch, BSN Syntha-6 any flavor, XF UP 2.0 Lemon Cream Pie
Pre-workout - APS Mesomorph Rocket Pop, Gaspari SuperPump MAX Sour Apple Candy, Scivation Quake 10.0 Watermelon Bubblegum
BCAA’s - Scivation Xtend Blood Orange, Gaspari HyperAmino Rainbow Italian Ice and Southern Sweet Tea

the orange dreamsicle is bomb! didn’t like the pb too much though

Pre-workout: Hemavol Lemon Drop
BCAAs: Xtend Mango, Aminolast Strawberry Kiwi, Animal Juiced Aminos Grape
Carbs: Glycofuse Strawberry Kiwi

@DanielMoo omg i love that cinnamon cereal crunch flavor… it literally taste like Cinnamon Toast Crunch to me. Though I never got to explore all of the SPMAX flavors like i wanted to.


Agreed, it’s so good! I’ll keep your name in mind in case I get some SP MAX samples sometime.

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Preworkout: (Original) Platinum labs defcon 1
Aminos: scivation xtend mango nectar & MAN Sports ISO-amino fruit smash(skittles flavor)
Fat burner: ANS diablo Pineapple passion fruit (WOW)
Protein: too many I love


Hi tech off the chain rocket pop

Definitely a big fan of MTS Whey when it com’s so go protein. Mint and PB C&C are great. Love pumpkin pie for all my basicness.

Protein: Myofusion (banana cream), Combat (chocolate peanut butter), Tasty Whey (salted caramel) and many others!

Pre-Workout: Too many to name. Some stand outs include Ergoblast (pineapple mango), 1MR Vortex (blueberry lemon ice), and DVST8 White Cut (any flavor)

BCAA: Xtend Elite (Island Punch Fusion), Xtend (Watermelon), Best BCAAs (sour candy), Breach (Pineapple Banana), so many others

Protein Bar: ProSupps MyBar (Peanut Butter salted Caramel), Original FitCrunch bars (chocolate peanut butter)

Gainers/Meal Replacements: Definitley Redcon1 MRE all their flavors!


White Cut is certainly something I’d like o try.

Lol that 1MR Vortex flavor make was good for 2 servings. Made me want to throw up every time I drank it lol. I recently bought Insane Focus GG, the plasma flavor, and it is the EXACT same flavor.

I’ve only had Inspired’s BCAA California Gold flavor for review. If that’s any indicator for how White Cut tastes… i could definitely agree.

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Og Betancourt D-stunner

Mmm… gasoline flavor

Oh man that nasty dye made it worse. Great pre though!

Too much pee I think. Wait, I mean PEA!

Appreciate the Banana Cream MyoFusion love! That’s my favorite flavor too.

I just got a 2lb tub of MuscleTech’s Nitro-Tech Vanilla Funnel Cake protein… Holy moly… It’s a must try for anyone who likes funnel cake!!