Best Stim Free Pre Workout?! | Primeval Labs MEGA PRE

Best Stim Free Pre Workout?! | Primeval Labs MEGA PRE



Great stuff when I’m on a stim break…


Love MegaPre…I’ll have to try SmashBerry in the future…


this is a serious trend I believe in! Even as a powerlifter I think stim-free options are important. Remove the stimulant and it’s VERY revealing how effective the formula actually is


This is a great great point EB.


It’s been a main point of presentations to salesmen from NutraBio. Remove the stimulant from a pre-workout formula and you should still see non-stimulant cellular energy ingredients like creatine, maybe ribose. and beyond that you should see ingredients to create a more anabolic environment during the workout.

unfortunately many formulas don’t produce much without the stims!


Bro-Scientists will lose their minds…But so very true.