BEST SLEEP SUPPLEMENT 🌛 Muscle Elements Amino PM Review

BEST SLEEP SUPPLEMENT 🌛 Muscle Elements Amino PM Review



I’ve been wanting to try this after this review and plethora of rave posts about it on this forum. Right now I’m taking Method Performance Defrag, which works pretty well for me.


It absolutely whips sack.


Is this a good thing or bad? Ha I’m too old


Just take Benadryl. It’s cheaper and effective.


Benedryl doesn’t help me sleep at all. It knocks my wife the f’ out though. :confused:


Benadryl doesn’t do squat for me either, plus it’s not going to help in the ways Amino PM would, aside from just sleep


Second product I’ve seen with the TR Leucine. Wish more would utilize it frankly


Benadryl knocks me tf out. But keeps me that way. Like I’ll sleep 12 hours and alarms won’t wake me up :frowning:

And diphenhydramine is an anti-cholinergic, so I’m not sure what long term effects are of that…


@Mike @AfroPope , agreed, is this good or bad?

We are very proud of this and yes very popular


@Mike shared this article in another thread…


“whips sack” is a step above “kicks ass” in severity. I love this stuff.


Yeah only dementia… Nbd /s


Thought so. Not an expert, but I figured it would lead down that path since low levels of ACH are linked with dementia/Alzheimer’s/cognitive decline


Stuff like Benadryl is awesome for its intended use - occasional allergy support - but you gotta pick and choose what you use on a daily basis a bit more cautiously.


I work 12 hour shifts overnight, and the occasional scoop of Amino PM helps give me some good quality sleep and make my 5 hours of sleep feel more restful…


Makes me wonder whether taking pwo’s everyday instead of coffee is a bad idea…

Been doing it for 4 years now lol


The answer is “yes,” actually.

According to some research, caffeine shortens telomeres (very simplified: your “backup” of your DNA that your body “consults” when building new cells), but the other compounds in coffee can actually serve to preserve their length, meaning that caffeine from coffee isn’t much to worry about, but large doses of caffeine from tablets, PWO, etc are quite bad for your longevity.



You beat me to the punch here, but yes.

My “solution” is, coffee as one dose of caffeine, pre workout as the other later in the day. Or vice versa.

Telomeres are something we need to understand more. They could be the answer to what we’ve been looking for in life, the universe, and everything :no_mouth:


Have a quote from my biology professor, when asked if the secret to immortality lay in telomeres:

“Uh, yes actually, and in experiments, we’ve been able to stop the degredation of telomeres in some species, which functionally stops the aging process permanently, but the issue is, uh, that that causes massive, unhindered cell growth, which you may consider to be. Um. Supercancer.”