Best Pre Workout Supplement 2018? | Goku Gains by Furious Pete

Best Pre Workout Supplement 2018? | Goku Gains by Furious Pete

I’m sorry but this is going to be a negative comment, it’s unavoidable. You can’t let that sht touch the f*ing top 10 pre list. The ingredients are as sht as Pete’s supplement reviews, his reviews are worse than the muscle player reviews because at least Eddie gets other people to try the same product as him. You can scream synergy all you want but Goku Gains is so underdosed they had to use fillers to make the blend big enough so that it fit in a scoop. Edit: period.

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Ya never know, I’m unimpressed with the MegaArez label, but CJ seems to love the stuff. Maybe same case here


Mega arez label is not as bad as the Goku Gains label. The closest they get to clinical dosing other then stims is Agmatine. @Anthony Edit: added tag.

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You would have to double scoop it, which would make it really expensive. Unfortunately, I think the bigger you get, the harder it is to give negative reviews. Letting people know the crap products, is just as important as letting them know the good ones. Would like to see a negative review every once in a while


Well @Msseffect they do that with products they don’t have deals with on their site e.g rebel energy which was a very truth filled review and probably the hardest they have ever gone on a supplement.


Haven’t seen that one that one. Last bad review I saw was for the Onnit Whey. If what you’re saying is true, that’s not very unbiased.