Beast Super Sauna Thermogenic Powder - Get Your Towel Ready!

Beast Super Sauna Thermogenic Powder - Get Your Towel Ready!


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Do you like working up a sweat when doing cardio or weight training? If so, then grab a towel and get ready to kick your perspiration system into high-gear, because this unique new supplement is just for you… and it isn’t using any stimulants to make it happen! Beast Super… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)


Interesting …kinda want to buy just to see how much it actually makes you sweat during cardio. Ill wait for the review to pop up though.


GBB is the real deal :sweat: make sure to give yourself some time to let the effects dissipate if you do your workouts late!


Makes a pretty decent sweat, not really affected by cardio.


ok cool. So would this really be used more as an alternate diuretic?..or if your a water buffalo in the “off season”


I would say yes, depending on how much you sweat.
It does produce a pretty noticeable sweat, that at times is kind of annoying, its the main reason I see this being a niche product rather then a true L carnitine replacement


I’d say it depends on the person. I sweat like a cow who just saw a factory in the distance (bad taste I know) when I take in LeanGBB. One thing I’ll say is the first time I ever took it, it made me sick as a dog. Cold sweats out the ass but ever since then, that’s never happened. I’m not quite sure if any other variables may have contributed


I want to thank @Mike and Beast Sports Nutrition for helping be get a Sample of this product.(I didn’t expect Beast to send me container of Lemon Drop & Sweet Heat; you guys are awesome) So far I have tried Sweet Heat, didnt bother opening the other tub. I should have followed the warning but i sniffed the product out of habit. Let me tell you, you could probably use this for warfare.
Flavor 10/10 - If you ever chewed on Wrigleys Big Red, the initial chew taste is exactly what you get out of this flavor. The Cinnamon & the slow Burn which isnt bad at all. Beast has done a awesome job flavoring this. Def better than other products I’ve tried which leave a chemical bitter taste in the mouth.
Ingredients 8/10 - GoP & Bioprene are doing their job making you sweat. But this is a Prop blend & I dont know how much of what I’m receiving. It could be on the Low end or High end. Also this product contains Maltodextrin. Its a ingredient I would like to avoid. How much(grams) of this is actually in the product, I mean its def on the sweet side?
Overall 8/10 - I took this for my morning fasted cardio. It took about 15 minutes after drinking to get my body to sweat how i expected(Head & chest dripping in sweat) from Sauna. Being on Keto i think its a Ok product for me , Only dropped my Ketones by .5 and raised my blood sugar by 4 points. No mood swings, chills, headaches or feeling lightheaded, Black Sauna delivers for what it is intended to do.(Make you Sweat) Are there products better than this that deliver with extra stuff? Yes. This isnt a Must buy product but if you like to sweat & get a nice burn you try this.


WHOA they sent full tubs!! Haha wow it Pays to Plow!!

GBB makes me sweat for sure

That Sweet Heat (Big Red) flavor will RUIN your shaker cup BTW. Wash it soon or just let it be your hot stuff cup from now on, ha

Yeah for keto dieters, note that Beast relies on the glycine a bit much.


I’ve been using the Lemon Dropkick so I’ll throw my thoughts out there too!
The first taste you get is a nice lemonade (that I really hope they have as a flavor for another product without the spices) that is probably the best I ever had. Not super sweet, just a tad bit of pucker to it that tastes exactly like the housemade lemonade TGIFRIDAYS used to have. Going down however, you get that familiar GOP feel as you swallow, which may be a bit off-putting for you if you’re not used to it, but after 2-3 uses you know what to expect and it’s better than before.

Product I look forward to drinking due to taste