Beast Super Sauna Thermogenic Powder - Get Your Towel Ready!

Beast Super Sauna Thermogenic Powder - Get Your Towel Ready!
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Do you like working up a sweat when doing cardio or weight training? If so, then grab a towel and get ready to kick your perspiration system into high-gear, because this unique new supplement is just for you… and it isn’t using any stimulants to make it happen! Beast Super… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)


Interesting …kinda want to buy just to see how much it actually makes you sweat during cardio. Ill wait for the review to pop up though.


GBB is the real deal :sweat: make sure to give yourself some time to let the effects dissipate if you do your workouts late!


Makes a pretty decent sweat, not really affected by cardio.


ok cool. So would this really be used more as an alternate diuretic?..or if your a water buffalo in the “off season”


I would say yes, depending on how much you sweat.
It does produce a pretty noticeable sweat, that at times is kind of annoying, its the main reason I see this being a niche product rather then a true L carnitine replacement


I’d say it depends on the person. I sweat like a cow who just saw a factory in the distance (bad taste I know) when I take in LeanGBB. One thing I’ll say is the first time I ever took it, it made me sick as a dog. Cold sweats out the ass but ever since then, that’s never happened. I’m not quite sure if any other variables may have contributed