BEAM Vegan Peanut Butter Protein

BEAM Vegan Protein Peanut Butter Smoothie


Peanut Butter Smoothie - This is the third BEAM vegan flavor to release on the product line. The peanut butter flavor engulfs your taste buds and then lingers on your taste buds into the aftertaste. There are a lot of companies that provide a light peanut butter flavor which fades quickly, but that is not the case here. The flavor is pure, dense, and has the correct amount of saltiness in the back end to capture peanut butter scooped out of a jar. Due to the inclusion of clean cream and smooth protein the mouthfeel and texture is pinpoint perfect. BEAM hits a home run and creates the best peanut butter vegan protein to date on the market.


BEAM Vegan protein is much creamier than most vegan protein powders on the market. The inclusion of Smooth Protein branded sources and Clean Cream, it has a smooth and creamy consistency. I found 8-10oz of water or almond milk to be a sweet spot per scoop with the BEAM Vegan Protein. I also make protein pudding where you place a scoop of protein in a bowl and slowly add water to form a thick paste. Both are common ways to use the protein, and I found zero clumps when mixing in both fashions.


Calories ~ 100-110

Fat ~ .5g

Carbs ~ 3g

Protein ~ 20g

Protein - Pea Protein, Mung Bean Protein (High bioavailability and leucine), Pumpkin Seed Protein

Clean Cream & Smooth Protein (Create the ultimate texture/mouthfeel)

Apple Fiber & Blueberry Fiber

Gum Blend (Thickener)


this sounds right up my alley!!


i like seeing these two protein sources in there, old lady neighbor of mine growing up used to make mung bean and coconut curry, it was awesome.


Can confirm
Bakes great


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