BEAM Supplements: Something Amazing Has Arrived!

Originally published at: BEAM Supplements: Something Amazing Has Arrived!

Are you ready to Be Amazing? Be inspired. Be motivated. Be Amazing. Michael Yewdell is. And once you hear his story, you’ll want to join the amazing movement. Every year, countless supplement companies launch, seemingly popping up out of thin air. Some stick around, few flourish, but many vanish back… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

I heard the vegan protein is the best on the market.
BIG Statement as Nutrex is my top choice, and Ghost/PES behind that.

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Pretty cool looking pre, and an interesting backstory.

For the pre, what’s the purpose of Resveratrol? Don’t know much about it

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According to Rhonda Patrick, there’s mixed data on resveratrol helping or hindering anabolic processes.

Although resveratrol has been shown to elicit beneficial effects on metabolic and neurological parameters, studies investigating the effects of resveratrol on exercise training are contradictory. One study involved 27 men between the ages of 60 and 72 years who participated in an 8-week training program with two days of cycling and one day of Crossfit. Each of the men took a 250 milligram resveratrol supplement daily. The resveratrol supplement blunted the positive effects of exercise training on blood pressure, blood cholesterol, and maximal oxygen uptake observed with exercise alone.[34] However, a similar study involved 30 men and women between the ages of 65 and 80 years who participated in a 12-week resistance and aerobic training plan three days a week and took a 500 milligram supplement of resveratrol per day. At the end of the training program, the participants experienced an increase in mitochondrial density, muscle fibers, and maximal oxygen consumption compared to exercise training alone.[35] Another study in which 22 year old men who engaged in four weeks of high-intensity interval training three days a week and supplemented with 150 milligrams of resveratrol per day, the lowest dose of the studies mentioned so far, did not promote increases in the men’s aerobic or anaerobic capacity, exercise substrate utilization, or muscle fiber-specific adaptations compared to exercise alone.[36]
The type of exercise, intensity, and the dose of resveratrol may contribute to these contradictory results. More studies are needed to determine how resveratrol supplementation affects exercise performance.

I take 600 mg trans resveratrol per day, but only for cardiovascular health reasons. It’s f’in expensive