BCAA Supplement Review

BCAA Supplement Review



Mixed berry tastes like real berries? Might need to sneak a scoop of this!!


The taste of Machine Fuel is great. I agree about the Mixed Berry. And let’s face it Marc…wait wait MARC! Lobliner tigerfitness DOT com does have some really interesting products. Personally I’m a big fan of Peak Physicor. Mike…with swimming you may want to give it a shot.


I actually have some and loved Xtend Perform with swimming! Not a bad idea, gonna get on this!!! Thanks!


One thing you’ll notice is that your strength-endurance will increase. It was a little strange because during exercises that I thought I should be taxed I wasn’t…I recommend it.


I noticed how doing the same amount of work gave a significantly lower heart rate. Like by 10BPM.


I also noticed the same effects from Peak O2 (Primaforce bulk) and loved Peak Physicor once it came out. I’m a little bummed they didn’t bring back Kiwi Strawberry from the previous version of Machine Fuel, that flavor was pure awesome!


I’d love to get me some new Machine Fuel. The Mixed Berry and Strawberry Kiwi of the past was good, but it sounds like the flavoring took a step even higher from the previous version. The inclusion of coconut water powder is also nice.


The snozzberries taste like snozberries!