Bang Energy Drink Review | PINA COLADA 🍍

Bang Energy Drink Review | PINA COLADA 🍍



Very excited to give this flavor a shot!


Still waiting for this flavor to drop in my neck of the woods. Not a big ordering RTD’s online kind of guy. Used to work retail so they get roughed up pretty bad from time to time


What are some of the top flavors? I went in blind and purchased a case of Star Blast… big mistake. It is too artificial and sweet. Not sure what I was thinking anyways. Something closer to a natural flavor would be ideal.


They are sugar free but I think they all are pretty sweet but they are good. Ones I really liked are sour heads, black cherry vanilla, lemon drop, root beer, and pina colada.


Went out of my way one day just to try it. Ended up grabbing a can in Killeen, TX and man it was totally worth it! (IMO)

The taste was spot on but I sadly didnt not drink it out of special glass…

Would have it again for sure, but still have a thing for Sour Headz


I can get you 2 Cases for $35.70. You go into a store local and you will spend $25-30 PER Case. That is literally $1.48 a can. Most places sell them for $2.50-3 a pop. Always much cheaper to buy them online.

Cotton candy, Star Blast, Purple Guava Pear, Peach Mango, and Pina Colada are my top 5
But again there are so many flavors to please everyone.

Depends who you buy from, buy for almost everyone who has bought them off me (over 200+ Cases) there has not been a single issue. I had customers buying them 9-10 cases at a time.

If you want to pick up some cases cheap shoot me an email [email protected] and subject β€œBang Discount” i will take care of you. Stop overpaying locally or buying from a store.


Nice! I really want to try that purple guava pear next.


Email me.
I got you on a good deal. Absolutely fantastic.


just got 4 cases of bang for $78 shipped
was on my doorstep in 24 hours…


I wish they sold a variety pack of Bang. Im thinking I may need a case of that Sour Heads.


Sour Heads is my #2 behind Cotton Candy. Buying the stack is always cheaper ($21 solo case vs $35.70 for a stack of 2 cases), but that is why I buy like 4 cases at once. its like having a variety in itself :slight_smile:


I think my favorite was Sour Heads, then Black Cherry Vanilla, Lemon Drop, Root Beer, Cotton Candy, Pina Colada. But they were all good.


You just nailed the 4 I picked up. Great minds think alike.


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Anyone is ordering shoot me an email [email protected]

I may just be in the giving mood :slight_smile: