AZOTH Updated, Still a Fully Loaded Caffeine-Free Nootropic

One of the hottest nootropics we covered at the beginning of this year was AZOTH, a fully loaded nootropic supplement that increases motivation, focus, memory recall, and mental like you’ve probably never experienced before. AZOTH is still relatively young, but has already been revamped to remove some of the more …
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You guys have said many times that NALT is better absorbed than regular tyrosine. It appears the only benefit is increased solubility; and plain tyrosine is already well absorbed. The problem becomes, NALT is poorly converted into "usable" tyrosine (it can't be utilized by the body in the acetyl form) and is primarily excreted unchanged. Measuring blood levels after administration shows tyrosine to be superior as well.

Unfortunately the ashwaganda is the root and not the extract so a pretty ineffective dose at 300mg, but overall looks like a great product. I'm wondering though how much money you would really save buying azoth vs. all the ingredients separate.

I have used AZOTH 4 times and I like it. The

Any idea if this is a pre-order offer or if the product is actually available now? I put an order in a week ago and only got confirmation that my order was received. No shipping info or contact info is available. Thanks guys!

Shaine, I just checked on your order. It will arrive today!

That just made my day!

Thank you!!

That basically goes without saying for every single supplement. The majority of us do not have the time to mess with bulk powders like that for every single category, preworkout, nootropic, post workout, etc. Especially if you travel as often as I do.

I see this has been reformulated, any info on a new release?

And how you think it compares to the old formulation.