Axis Labs CBD Giveaway

Axis Labs CBD Giveaway


Axis Labs would like to give away 2 bottles of CBD Oil. Here’s how it works, since the NFL is starting to ramp up again, post your favorite team and an awesome gif or gifs


Favorite team: New Orleans Saints

Favorite gifs







One would argue the NFL never goes away…I’ll let you guess my favorite team…


The Bills?


You’re in the Conference




how do you direct post a gif?


I uploaded it like a regular jpeg image


Vikings… SKOL!




Dolphins & ima just go ahead & second Anthony’s gif^^^ :joy:


Let’s get some more entries!!


Even though I am from the Bay Area, I am for the Dolphins


Don’t do CBD, but I’m from Miami and have had the pleasure of watching the Dolphins lose since I was a kid.



Will you guys send me your name, addy and phone number so I can ship your CBD out tomorrow. Look forward to hearing your thoughts on CBD.

Thanks everyone


Sending the PM right now. Thank you


Thanks so much!!!


I have dropped your packages with my shipping department just now and they should leave here with our first pickup. I have sent the tracking numbers to the winners, please let me know when they arrive.

Thanks everyone and stay tuned for the next giveaway.


Just received my bottle last night.

Any personal recommendations on how to use it for best results?