Axe and Sledge is Here!

Axe and Sledge is Here!


Website is now opened up! You can view their products, but purchasing is not available until June 7th. Let’s discuss labels!


They look pretty decent! I was expecting just a little higher doses on some of the ingredients, but overall, not bad


Initial impressions from me

Pre: @Mike and @CJ will like this, massive dose Citrulline, NO ALPHA Y, or any yohimbine for that matter, and minimal beta alanine, only 1.6g at the max dose. Beet Juice may aid in pumps, the agmatine is decent, choline is negligible and more or less the same for TeaCrine and Dynamine. 325mg caffeine anhydrous will wake you up. Flavors are grape and watermelon lemonade (looking forward to the latter).

Pump: Higher BA dose which is nice, same massive citrulline dose (5 grams) and a big glycerpump dose of 3g. 2g of taurine, as well, so great water pumps. Full dose agmatine, 1g Nitrosigine. Focus ingredients are 1g Tyrosine (decent) and 250mg NALT (why?). Flavors are lemon lime and strawberry lemonade, both of which I’m excited for. Looking forward to this one a lot.

Aminos: 5g BCAAs in standard 2:1:1. 2.3g of EAA’s, but missing methionine, likely for flavor reasons I’d imagine. No other reason to exclude it I believe. Some Betaine, 2.5g worthless glutamine, coconut water and L-Ornithine. Meh.
Unicorn blood (rainbow sherbet?) and tropical thunder as flavors.


More or less my overall impression as well


I just wish the pump had Vaso-6! I’m LOVING that ingredient overall


Thoroughly agreed, that’s another gripe I have with it. They utilized so many of compound solutions ingredients, Carb10, TeaCrine, Dynamine, it’s weird they chose not to use Vaso-6


The pump pre looks great. Wish Nitrosigine was at 1.5g, and wish there was some PeakATP/D-Ribose/etc, but a solid formula overall.

Stim pre and fatburner are both SUPER underwhelming, sheesh.

Carb powder is rock solid, hope it’s not extravagantly priced.

EAA powder is pretty darn good, will live or die based on flavor with EAA Max on the market.


Alright I guess. The pre looks good at 5g citrulline and 325mg of caffeine and then it falls after that for me.


I really don’t even know if I believe in Nitrosigine. I’ve used it for weeks on end and didn’t see anything that made it better than regular Citrulline. Vaso-6 and Vaso-drive make it looks worthless imo


Really? Weird, I’m the other way around, Vaso-6 seems to do almost nothing for me.



I’d still try the pump for sure, that goes without saying haha. I partially blame my lack of interest in Nitrosigine due to Marc Lobliner. I really don’t like his rhetoric anymore and it’s turning me away from everything he partially believes in…also Vasky was crap


And anyone who knows me, knows I used to be a HUGE fan of MTS and the man himself


Only the pump pre and amino product looks good to me but I don’t use eaas.


I agree Vaso 6 would have put the pump pre over the top. Still excited for it and the Aminos though


Is this Seth’s actual company?

I watch his YouTube vids and have implemented some of his techniques but this just the third Supp company he has been with in a year and a half


I do believe so


My theory on this is that due to the different amounts of receptors enzymes and regulators people have.
Which is likely the same reason arginine is so inconsistent in studies(some people having much higher levels of arginase), and why some blood pressure medications don’t work well as effectively on some people.

I don’t really have much advise on how to apply this yet other then seeing what works for you, and maybe what works well combined(For example arginine and arginase inhibitors).

I smile when I see my expressions being turned into memes :stuck_out_tongue:


Based off the rest of the panel, I know I’ll respond well to the pump. I do enjoy seeing your explanations and theories, as they are very well thought out. You’re a gentlemen and a scholar good sir