Awesome Conversation About Quest Nutrition's Layoffs

Chef Bob’s post about the new Quest Nutrition Cookies reminded me of this epic conversation on Facebook after they announced their layoffs:

Tons of industry heavy hitters in that one. A must-read!

I had a friend who worked in the Keto Department for Quest (in Texas) and worked out of their main office in California. He said it was an instant cut of all the positions in a lot of their main office.

lets rewind to 2 years ago to Nutrabolt when they cut over 1,000+ management positions over the US. This really is not shocking. Then again, who knows how much we will see of Quest in the future as they are looking to move more into retailer stores and away from major retailers (not sure how true that is).

I am eager to see what happens to them over the upcoming years, and how other companies who continue to put out new Protein bars take over the protein bar market. We saw CL made a HUGE SWING with Venture bars, but rising stars like FitCrunch, SinFit are really making a name for themselves.

I think they jumped into keto way too early. They could have done better to simply call it “low carb” too, keto is still a scary word to many, especially years back.

1000?! Got a source for this? Are you sure those were really “management” positions? Perhaps this was just their affiliate/reps?

I don’t think they had that many full-time positions in the company as it was. Their management is in College Station and Austin (I’ve been to both facilities) and there’s definitely not 1000 chairs. I think they have some marketing in NYC too, but they were moving much of that to the vastly superior state of Texas.

Not just affiliate and reps. I remember the owner of Get Ripped Nutrition told me about the cutting of the jobs (Trae). I was an affiliate for Cellucor for 3 years, they still have that program and its still going strong. They have down sized it, but not that large. Nutrabolt as a whole (company) even after touring the facility and being there in person They go through people like water. Its tough to find people who hold jobs there for over a year. They are constantly hiring new people and removing people. I only know a select few still working there from when I use to work for Cellucor way back in the day (2011-2014). Chris Bundick from the results team being one of them. Everyone who I worked with arnold with over those 3 years is really no longer associated with them besides some of their athletes (Jen Jewell and Craig Caprusio). Robert Perry, Sabrina, Adam Kossoff, Alex Silver Fagan went to a new company, Karina Baymller left cellucor, Cory Magrys etc are all gone . Adam was in charge of marketing for the company out of the NY Facility with Renee both are gone now as well. Mike Ulisse who did the marketing and online work for the message boards ( and others).

They have places in Austin (their VP works out of here) and College Station (nutrabolt HQ). and a management facility in NY (whom I use to work for with my videos and recipes). Their old warehouse is also now a brewery in Northgate which I got to visit as well and have a dinner there with Hagan & Greg who toured us around nutrabolt HQ

That is the best I know to my knowledge after keeping in touch with many of the associates I worked with in my time with Cellucor. Doing their recipes, working arnold classics, and also assisting the NY branch with articles for their main webpage.