Asgardian Pre Workout Review ⚔ ODIN'S BLOOD

Asgardian Pre Workout Review ⚔ ODIN'S BLOOD

That looks like doo doo and it ain’t cheap, why would I buy this over Nutrabio Pre.


Dope ass marketing. Realistically, for the formula, no reason to purchase whatsoever


CJ sees no beta alanine and he’s ready to spend more at this point!!


Has he tried Re1gn? Great preworkout without the BA tingles! @CJ


We really want you guys to try RE1GN again! @Mike @CJ

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That Stim-X is the question for CJ… similarity to yohimbine/alpha-yohimbine may be a bit much for him? He said he’d try!

CJ can have at it if he likes!!

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I’m more concerned about Odin here. Is he ok?


Yeah, he’s just busy partaking in daily blood drives


CJ is turning into the guy from Massive Joes, who can’t find a product to review that he doesn’t like and that you shouldnt buy from him lol. Next were going to start hearing that BPI products aren’t that bad :joy:


So on stim X, what you should have asked is if it had significant action on alpha receptors, which is the main thing that give Y its edge.

On that note you should have posted the review after the bad reaction, I understand OL doesn’t take criticism well(at least thats the impression i get from Anabolic minds) but its useful information.


If they wanted to share this information, I’m sure they already have somewhere? You could probably still ask them if you care.

The answer seems to be ‘yes’ from what I’m gathering, but no clue for real.

I’m not afraid of posting a negative review, especially when other people are having massive panic attacks too.

I honestly don’t know what CJ recorded and what wasn’t. Sadly I don’t have all of the files and there’s a ton of footage not on YouTube still. We’re not always the most organized bunch but we’re trying to get better!!

Realize that this was also during the time when I was off video. I’d moved 45 minutes away from FTA and was dealing with some tech back-end issues (which more or less worked out, but I do wish I stayed on video throughout).

The Re1gn launch was definitely one of those “I’m getting too old for this shit” moments. Do you really need 36 year old Mike reviewing these kinds of products? What we need is some trusted young and fun bro’s who eat 10mg alpha-y for breakfast lunch and dinner :wink:


You called, sir?

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Elllllo puppettt, I’m totally down :joy::joy::joy:


Oh shit this thread’s turning

Send over your “reels”!

CJ and I may actually have to seriously discuss this. No promises. I know that OppermanFitness is doing a few guest reviews for us starting soon. He’s pretty fun


Send Mike your videos, priority to those with your shirts off lol :joy::joy:

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RE1GN doesn’t give me the gross feeling that Alpha Y does. I would like something that combined RE1GN with God of War.

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Re1gn gives me some of my best workouts, but it’s the only pre I’ve ever had that actually makes me crash, and crash hard.

Being that I like working out in the morning, it’s not for me.


How’s the flavoring? I’ve got two tubs I’ve yet to open


All of mine are from the original batch, not after the flavoring revamp, but they’re all fairly bitter in the way that alkaloid stimulants are, Isee Fury being the least offensive.

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