AREZ "God Of The Gym" Pre Workout Review | Ntel Pharma

AREZ "God Of The Gym" Pre Workout Review | Ntel Pharma

Awesome guys, this is something I definitely want to try. Just not sure about the alpha Y in it. Hence I don’t really want to buy a tub, I’m not good with the yohimbine family.

I’ve used lotus leaf 10:1 extract for a long time in a fatburner. Optiburn AMPED by Platinum Labs (owned by owner of outbreak nutrition) they use 300mg and the mood boost/ energy is AMAZING. I haven’t used it in about a year now… but I’d say it was my favorite fat burner. Give that a go and see if you get a similar feel


The Yo’ in this isnt bad at all actually. No anxiety or mood swings at all. This is one of those supplements that will surprise most people that try it. I really enjoy it and was very much a skeptic before trying it


Is there any crash?


None whatsoever for me or CJ

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Yeah but I mean you don’t even lift so (couldn’t resist)

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No crash from the times I’ve used it so far. Just gradually fades away. I actually really liked the flavoring. The rainbow sherbet in about 12 oz worked for me


I have been pleasantly surprised with it so far. I got the Baja Blast knock-off flavor and it is fine in the grand scheme of PWO’s. I’m glad the Alpha Y has not given me any issues the way DVST8 white cut. DVST8 wreck’s me.

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It really is one of those odd ball preworkout formulas. Im enjoying it



Touché sir

The times I do life though, I actually use pre workouts for their intended purposes (training), unlike others who use pre workouts as an energy booster throughout the day, :slight_smile:

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White Cut just made me feel dirty at the full serving!

Around 15-16g out of 22g serving was awesome, but more than that and it was utterly miserable

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I use the full two scoops. Love it and rightfully the best pwo out


…uh u speaking abt me sir.

I’ll have u kno I’m a walking,talking, preworkout drinking machine

Jk, only in the morning upon awakening, even if it’s a rest day



No, not exactly. Didn’t even know you did that actually.

Mostly poking fun at CJ and Mike, haha


How does this compare to Hypermax and the new versions of Total War or Mesomorph V3? I think I’ve narrowed my next purchase to those 4. I’ve used Hypermax before and currently using Re1gn.


The Mega AREZ is awesome in terms of steady energy, focus, and even pumps (I add extra for that). You’re also going to sweat. Now…they just released a Titanium version which from what I heard, feels absolutely crazy/happy/euphoria

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Is there any crash with it?


Haven’t experienced one yet with the Mega AREZ, but I haven’t had the new titanium yet. I’m a little skeptical of there dose of J Regis…it’s ungodly high

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Can anyone rate this or original formula vs other top pre workouts. Ex.Reign, Kraken, Kraka, Total War, etc

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Have you tried the new Total War or Mesomorph formulas?

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