APS Mesomorph – Bringing DMAA Back to Pre Workouts!

APS Mesomorph – Bringing DMAA Back to Pre Workouts!


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I tried contacting APS to find out the Creatine content. Unfortunately I did not hear back from them. I really don't like the prop. label, but it's worked well enough for me to stick with Mesomorph. I want to add creatine to it, but was wondering how much total creatine in all its forms was in it to begin with. Do you think you could reach out to them, Mike? It seems like they gave you some info with some of the amounts when you emailed them in the past.


I remember back 4 years ago with Jack3d and ACG3, those Pre-workouts would get me in the zone. I was a little skeptical with Mesomorph because I hadn't had any DMAA in my system in almost 4 years, so I took a half a scoop, then 5 minutes later another half...Didn't really feel anything. Today I went with a full scoop, and feel the same. Not sure if there's 64mg of DMAA per scoop. In fact, it's 8:32 am on a Sunday, I'm going to go back to sleep


Did you buy the older "V2" version without DMAA?


I have the rocket pop flavor, and the last ingredient says "gernaburn (1.3 dymethalalnine HCL)"


Right, that's definitely got DMAA. Everyone else is loving it, not sure what's up for you. Not everyone likes the ingredient... maybe something's changed for you?


I don't get a pump from this product using 1 scoop, at all. I use the DMAA Rocketpop flavor. I got a pump from White Rapids, but not White Pipes. I also get a pump from old Hypermax XT with 2 scoops. I'd like to try the new Hypermax XT.


I noticed that the only website for mesomorph is Suppz and they are selling it for $99.95: https://suppz.com/aps-mesomorph.html and same day supplements has it for $34.95 before any discounts.

Is there any particular reason why?


Suppz is the DMAA version, making it VERY expensive. The other one is their new V3 formula, where they replaced DMAA with a slew of another exotic stims


I got 2 DMAA version tubs sitting


Lucky, didn’t get a chance to try it before it shot up in price.


If you would like some ghetto samples send me your addy


Any chance I could get one as well? I’ve wanted to try it but kind of missed my chance the first time around :P.


^^^^ what he said


Send me your addy guys


Real MVP right here


I’ll get these samples out this weekend for you guys


Such BS. Suppz sent out an email after the raid saying they didn’t raise the price. Then $100??! Never shopping there again.


They raised the price of all dmaa items to $99 or even higher. I guess that’s their business to do so if they know that is what the current price on eBay is going for but for a company, I don’t care for that decision at all. I’ll pass on shopping there now.


I have some Wicked DMAA I’ll throw in with the Meso DMAA samples.

Don’t have any SP250 left, destroyed that stuff with a quickness. My favorite DMAA pre.