Anyone ever receive their samples?

Anyone ever receive their samples?


Hey Guys. I just wanted to thank you( price plow) for the great give-a-ways. But I have a question, last year, you guys put the samples up on the blog and I entered my info and never got any. I even Spoke to Mike on YouTube messenger and he said a bunch would go out with the initial ones- like a package making up for the slow distribution issues that were out of your control. But I can say I never got anything after that message.

A few friends of mine also entered and never received anything. It was a real bummer never getting them or any word them being cancled or delayed or anything.


Nope, I’ve probably applied for most of the samples they had outside of the nutrabio one and haven’t gotten any, I pretty much end up never buying the products since I am still waiting on the sample of it to arrive.


I don’t recall receiving anything either, but in my case, my stash is rather large…soooo I’m not annoyed like I would normally be


The only samples I’ve recieved that I put in for was Nutrabio.


Yeah, all I got was the nutribio. I’m not even holding this against the prices plow team persay, but I’m just confusing why we can fill those forms out and then not get anything.


I’ve gotten…two sample shipments? Maybe 3? And filled out a good handful of forms.

I know I got PerforMax, and Freezinda, and I feel like there was another a long time ago, but I can’t say for certain.


I received NutraBio as well. Which was GREAT for the record


So many people put in for those samples. It doesn’t bother me at all always a PricePlow supporter


Only have gotten Nutrabio and Freezinda, also have one a couple giveaways and didn’t receive those either.