Any recommendations on omega 3?

I had this omega 3 from vitamin shoppe once that had the largest mg of EPA(800), and DHA(500). Overall the thing had 1500( it had 200 mg of another source)

It was on sale, but it’s a bit pricey now. GNC Has one that is cheaper and has 800 EPA, but no other sources. The GNC one does say it has MCT in it, but doesn’t say how much. Plus, I plan to get an MCT Oil.

I wonder if anyone knows a good company that makes Omega 3 fish oil with matches or has more MG?


There are so many available it’s insane. I had read/heard that higher DHA is the way to go…very interested in what folks have to say on this as well.

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Yeah, I heard that, too. Actually, most of them are considered under dosed. A few doctors frowned upon it as if people would get sick with hire. But it’s linked to a lot of health benefits. I don’t eat a lot of fish, so combining it with what I do eat is really good.

Please, let me get a link to any you use or are thinking of buying.

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I just go with Controlled Labs Orange Oximega since they have a UPC label program.

I just know you want to shoot for 2000 mg of DHA + EPA per day. So I take 4 softgels a day which is 2400 mg. Come to think of it, I should probably rotate between 3 and 4 per day to save some money :slight_smile:


I’ve used that in the past…really like it…I know that @TheSolution is a fan.

Controlled Labs OxiMega

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If you shop on Amazon, check on this one

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Would have gotten this if it were not 3 pills per serving. Thanks though.

Why does 3 pills make a difference? They are super small and cost per serving one of the best for EPA/DHA. Plus you can use their labels and return them for free products.

Something getting an item that is a 1 cap serving does not always = better results and a better dose. My 2 cents.


sorry. I meant to reply that to @Devin_Foley

Actually, Controlled Labs OxiMega looks good. Only question is, is where is that other 800 MG coming from??

Says right on the label
“Mixed Fatty Acids”

Thanks. Yeah, the label on Amazon doesn’t have that for some reason. is one hell of a drug.

Yeah, I think I will try theirs so I can try this. Thanks.

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Save those labels too!

Keep in mind, you don’t have to take 3 caps just because the label says so.

Yeah, but that means I don’t get the dosage on the label.

Of course not but two caps of one gives you 1400 EPA/DHA & the other at two caps is 1200 EPA/DHA.

The value of that extra amount is yours to decide

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Fishoil per capusle is still 1g each
Oximega at 120 caps is $17
Amazon is 90 caps for $25
Really a horse apiece ATM

I prefer CL because they are 3rd party tested and you can also use the label and return them for free proucts. I cash them in for 3 products a duffle bag and a t-shirt every few months

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