Animal Pak POWDER: The Solution to "Pill" Problems

Animal is a brand most around the industry are familiar with. Their multi-vitamin, Animal Pak, is one of the most trusted and highest quality multis around — and it’s been here for over thirty years! The only problem is, is that a typical “Pak” contains 11 individual tablets. While this …
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Two questions:

1.) How's the taste? Even though it's orange flavor, does it mask all the ingredients?

2.) More importantly,how does it stack up with other sports related vitamin mixes?

An example would be VitaJym by Jim Stoppani where he omits Zinc as he says it interferes with amino acid and copper uptake; Calcium interferes with zinc, iron and manganese absorption; and Magnesium as it interferes with manganese absorption as well as with calcium absorption. He lists more points here at http://jymsupplementscience... and also lists his references at the bottom of the page. I have always been a big fan of Animal, but Stoppani brings the science behind his product and its hard to argue these points. An all powder multi maybe with greens or reds would be amazing, but it needs to be done correctly and I wonder how the Animal Pak Powder stacks up in your eyes, especially to VitaJym, even though its in pill form.

Always love your articles, and even more so the hands on reviews here and on youtube!
Tom P.

I would say just as certain calcium contain products will slow the absorption of Cipro, it doesnt STOP the absorption by any means but definitely slows it down. Just like the effects of caffeine can be enhanced by tramadol, to what extent? Well depends on the amount of caffeine. 50 mgs of caffeine with 50mg tramadol enhanced doesnt mean much but 300mg with 100mg tramadol and you may be visiting the ER or at the very least start having panic and severe anxiety attacks. So it depends.