Anatabloc Slammed by Jon Stewart – Here's the REAL Truth

Anatabloc Slammed by Jon Stewart – Here's the REAL Truth


Recently, an episode of The Daily Show With Jon Stewart made fun of a new supplement called Anatabloc. In this article, you will learn the real truth behind Anatabloc, including what it is and whether or not it’s worth your time and money. Introduction The supplement industry is full of …
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effective product/substance/discovery
(anatabine citrate -- which can be extracted from tobacco, peppers,
tomatoes, eggplant and any other member of the nightshade family)
that has proven helpful, if not downright completely effective in the
treatment of pain and the amelioration of underlying health issues
that are caused by, or have chronic inflamation as a cofactor (be it
joint pain, arthritis, alzhimers, multiple sclerosis, etc...).

[note: it may not "cure" ,
but at this point all clinical research, as well as many reports from
product users indicates that in a majority of cases it sure does

In my case I suffered from debilitating
joint pain in my feet, ankles, and knees (reason unknown despite
seeing several doctors and undergoing a variety of tests) which made
it difficult and extremely painful to walk. Nothing helped much,
until I tried anatabloc. I am now completely pain free 99% of the
time -- anatabloc essentially gave me my life back.

As of this writing, Rock Creek
Pharmaceuticals has been forced to pull anatabloc from the market due
to a disingenuous FDA that doesn't follow its own rules/guidelines
(anatabine based products were originally released under a certain
set of rules/guidlines that the FDA has decided to ignore -- wonder
whose profits/power anatabine based products threaten). Hopefully
Rock Creek Pharmaceuticals can figure out how to pacify the
government thugs &/or who is pulling their strings and bring the
product back to market soon. In the meantime, I'm buying up all I can
and hopefully it'll tide me over till it comes back to market.

If by chance it's kept suppressed, I'll
even go so far as to setup my own chem lab (I have the background to
figure it out) to make the stuff -- it's that effective and


If you are making it for yourself , could you please share your expertise with me so that I can continue giving it to my son with autism for whom it is highly effective too.
all the best
[email protected]


Did it work for me ? The short answer is: yes. Even at the low doses the product was completely eliminating my chronic prostatitis symptoms. I don't think it is a miracle drug, but the average feedback on Amazon/GNC was good, the facebook page had many success stories. Obviously with a publicly traded company there is always the short interest. It was a particularly bad management move to involve politics with the product/company (McDonnell scandal).
AFAIC, the FDA did the same thing with anatabine-citrate as they did with red yeast rice. After lovastatin was synthetized by Merck, the FDA forced the red yeast rice producers to remove the naturally occuring statins from the nutraceutical. Guess who made a killing by patenting the synthesized variations of the naturally occurring statins ? In 2005, statin based drug variations brought an estimated $18.7 billion to big pharma. I understand GMP, validation and all, but I don't understand why can't people decide whether to buy cheap, red yeast rice with uncontrolled ANI (active nutraceutical ingredient) vs patented statins with controlled API.
The interesting link between anatabine and the statins: by now quite a few doctors believe that low grade inflammation of the artery walls is a bigger issue than elevated LDL cholesterol levels. Without inflammation, cholesterol wouldn't deposit on the artery walls. I guess, with gaining popularity, someone started to worry about Anatabine citrate. Was it a mistake to compare the anti-inflammatory effect of Anatabine to lipitor ?
Also, if you are type 1 or insulin dependent type 2 diabetic, you may want to ask a question from your doctor or government representative: how is it possible that they discovered insulin 90 years ago, still there is no low cost generic version available in the USA ?


It helped greatly with inflammation issues for me. I cannot even begin to explain the relapse that I experienced when this went off the market. Terrible pain. People like Stewart have no understanding. I used a little over five tabs daily and the quality of life was so improved. I wish the worst to people (the short sellers and folks like Stewart) who could not see far enough ahead.


John Stewart is bought and paid for. He is a talking head for the establishment, a politically correct guy that has no balls left of his own.
I used this product for two years and it was fantastic. Anatabloc has a short half-life as dosages are weight appropriate. I needed the largest dosage, two small lozenges (that are like a tick-tack), 6 times a day because I'm a bigger guy. But I could always sense when it was wearing off and if I didn't take another dosage, I would be in pain soon after that. I had an Auto-Immune disease and this product gave me much of my life back. Shame on John Steward for being a Nazi.

The active ingredient Anatibine is found in tobacco but is also in many, many plants, tomatoes and red peppers and so on. The FDA had first decided since Anatibine was a natural compound the product Anatabloc didn't need FDA clearance but after the product worked so well the FDA decided to reign it in and make the company, Rock Creek Pharmaceuticals a division of Star Scientific go through the regular clearance tests with the FDA. Essentially it seems the government wanted it's billions and could get it. So the company, Star Scientific had to stop sales of Anatabloc and start with the tests, which it is doing now. I'm pretty sure this will be a blockbuster once it's FDA cleared. And Star Scientific will have pharmaceutical status and the product itself will become much more expensive than $100.00 for a months supply because it does work. And to John Stewart > You are an idiot!


My wife has a thyroid condition and it worked wonders for her. Clearer mind, also reduced arthritis pain. I used it to reduce inflammation from gout. virtually no side effects. Too bad the dirty democrats got it banned...I guess they got a big check from the pharmaceutical cos.


I think neither Jon Stewart nor the author of this article know what they're talking about. According to Izabella Wentz, pharmacist and author of "Root Cause," anatabine has been shown to reduce antibodies in people suffering from Hashimoto's autoimmune thyroid disease at dosages of 5 mg - 12 mg per day for a 100-pound woman. Now because of the paid shillings, I can't find it anywhere? Thanks. It's great to know there are folks out there who have the backs of people suffering from autoimmune disease.


As usual Jon Stewart does not know what he is talking about, Anatabloc may not work for some people but it worked for me. I had a shoulder joint problem for about a year, could not sleep on it at all, lost a significant amount of strength in it. Since problems like these start with inflammation I searched for natural anti inflammatory first before trying an over the counter pain killer or prescription drug. There were several testimonies by people, on of them was Fred Couples who says it changed his life, he had to stop playing golf because of an arthritic condition as I remember or something similar. So I bought a bottle, whats to lose, with in 2 weeks the pain was about half, with in a month it was totally gone, have not had a problem since and for me I had no side effects that I have read other have. So it was either a coincidence or it works? You be the judge for your own wellness!


Jon Stewart is a douchebag.


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