Anastasis Konnect -- The Professional's Nootropic

Anastasis Konnect -- The Professional's Nootropic


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Check out the super nootropic supplement from Anastasis Nutraceuticals. Konnect will ignite your productivity and focus. A few weeks back, we introduced Anastasis Nutraceuticals, a biohacking company founded by the owner of Inspired Nutraceuticals. Back when we first discussed Anastasis, we had a glimpse of its first two products, but… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)


Wow this looks amazing!

I would’ve loved it / bought it almost instantly if there was no ashwagandha.

Great formulation on their part, however for me personally, ashwagandha/KSM triggers massive mood swings &depression. But that’s just me, 99% of everyone else that has used ashwagandha loves it.


It’s for sure a damn incredible formula, but as someone who reacts poorly to choline supplementation, the unheard of dosing here would put me in a fog like no other.


It’s going to be an absolute monster nootropic formula, I have a sample of it headed my way so I can’t wait to give some feedback. I personally have a a hell of a time staying on task with anything that takes more than a couple hours. Super excited for this. Might even make a great low stim preworkout for people coming off of stimulants​:grin::grin::grin:


Is it the supplementing of choline causing it, or could it potentially be a lack of choline? I’ve heard both ends of the story. I take it whenever I have a high stim Pre, because it keeps me out of a mental fog


Both sides of the spectrum apply;excess of choline or a deficiency can cause brain fog . However I suppose it’s “easier” to overdose choline than be deficient in it, unless you begin experiencing cognitive decline early, or you have a terrible diet.


It’s definitely the supplementation for me. I’ve tried taking daily choline–both CDP and Alpha-GPC, large doses and small(ish) on 4 or 5 occasions, and every time it’s awesome for about 5 days and then I start falling asleep at like 7 PM and sleeping clear until the next morning, my brain enters a perpetual fog, and my depression worsens. It stays that way for about a week after I come off of it, too.

Some reading online shows this to be a fairly common issue, people who have it tend to report excellent results from microdosing it (about 30mg of CDP choline/day, for example, compared to the 250-500mg recommended), but I’ve never bothered trying this.


That does look like a lot of choline. I’ve taken a fair amount of a tub of Dr. Jekyll which has 500 Choline in it and bought a bottle of Jarrow Alpha GPC 300 mg caps a while back. The 500 mg of Choline in Jekyll is probably why I won’t buy it again. Bigger doses are not always better with supplements.

One of the problems with these blends is even though they show the dosing, they stack a lot of ingredients together that might be right for some people, and not right for others. Personally, I’d like to see the product with 100 choline and maybe less or no ksm-66. If it doesn’t do anything for me as a standalone, I don’t want it in a product. However, they are basing this on two scoops, and there is nothing in it like a pump ingredient to make you take more than one scoop to get a secondary effect. So you don’t have to take more…


Unfortunately that’s the thing with supplements/nootropics, or anything that modulates the activity of neurotransmitters.

It comes down not solely to how the said agent functions, but also a major factor is individual brain chemistry. I.e. Your experience with cholinergics, and my experiences with ashwagandha


Although 500mg of choline may seem like a lot, Dr. Jekyll has choline bitartrate, for simplicity’s sake let’s just say the 500mg of bitartrate is a lot less “potent” at achieving said effects, than lower doses of more high grade cholinergics, such as CDP/alpha-gpc.

For choline bitartrate, it needs to be dosed upwards of 1 gram.


I can honestly say that after having tried both Konnect and LAX, I will definitely be buying for sure. LAX works in the stress department in a way that nothing else has, not even pharmaceuticals. Long story short, my stress was very high on Saturday night and decided to give the vial i had a whirl. Not even 20 minutes in, i was feeling level headed, and stress free. As for the Konnect, I was also impressed in a way that i haven’t experienced since the college years and finals week (you can guess what i’m getting at). Productivity went up, my energy levels were perfect, and even after accomplishing my tasks I was actively seeking out other tasks to do. Both are perfect for work or even gaming for that matter, so i’d recommend without hesitation. This has my full support


Won one of the “sample” vials of Konnect from Stack3d. They sent a whole damn tub.

Still scared of that huge GPC dose, but deff impressed with the generosity of the company. Will be taking it on an as-needed basis when the semester starts, and give updates then.


Quick update: Went to the casino over the holidays (birthday treat), figured I’d try a full double-scoop.

Remarkably comparable to the time I uh, borrowed 30mg of adderall. Even down to the dry-mouth and heavy-sweats at room temp.


Dude, i’m absolutely in love with it. I only get the increased body temp if doing something physically active, maybe in part due to the Eria Jarensis?


Your posts have convinced me to give it a try, thanks!


NN are you still utilizing this? I’m curious and thank you


Occasionally yes! I’ve been tapering off too many stims for a while now (successful and unsuccessful). It’s an excellent supplement


Thank you NN


alpha-gpc, ksm-66, eria jarensis supposed to feel like adderall?
all stims, dmaa, pea-derivatives etc. otc have always been dirty peripheral shit compared to amphetamine.
maybe agmatine, mag-threonate, then soon after eria jarensis, purenergy (pterostilbene-caffeine), sulbutiamine. if only eria and purenergy were available without any other crap so dose can be adjusted. rn-benzyl-alpha-pea or whatever was in aps phenadrine 100 years ago was better than eria though.


It’s weird to tell you how you feel unless you actually try it. Basically, you feel very alert, and the focus is great, without being stimmed out. Maybe adderall isn’t the best comparison, but the focus most others that have tried it (that I personally know) compare it to that, just without the jaw clenching, eyes darting back and forth effects you’d get from high dose amphetamine. Personally I’d love to get Eria jarensis as a stand alone ingredient, but no luck thus far