An Open Letter to Rich Gaspari from a Former Employee

An Open Letter to Rich Gaspari from a Former Employee


After long deliberation and discussion with our Facebook fans, we have decided to publish this letter. It is from an anonymous ex-employee of Gaspari Nutrition, a company currently undergoing a bankruptcy filing and sale. As you can imagine, there is a serious amount of drama going on, and we’re hesitant …
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Wow. Talk about an ego and a disgruntled employee, There's a reason he was let go and clearly not being a team player was part of it. Whatever is going at Gaspari comes down to this - Rich had the final say about everything. Every hire, every term, every major decision. If this person had such great ideas, why did he wait until he knew his days were numbered before presenting a plan. A plan, I'll add that was not concise. The recommendation to terminate him came from his direct boss, not Tom, not Jerry and Rich approved it. Maybe had he spent more time doing his job rather than what other people were doing he'd still be there. I don't tell him how to do his job he shouldn't tell me how to do mine. If he was such a loyal employee, why not have a sit down with Rich and express his concerns? There were people let go for not doing their job, for compromising company information, for attempting access to certain proprietary information on the network. There were people at Gaspari who over the years made deals with vendors for their personal financial gain, who must have thought Rich had an endless supply of funds, they didn't think about long term the big picture the return on investments. For example, the eCommerce remarks. Take the cost of his salary, the vendor (his pal) costs against the revenue generated less cost of goods sold factor in operating and administrative costs. Not a huge money maker. Add the sales tax compliance issue; taking down eCommerce to decide to rebuild or ditch it was a smart decision. I'm sure its a concept he can't grasp, how many web developers know business accounting, operations management? The author of the blog clearly demonstrated why he was terminated and quite frankly, insulted Rich's intelligence. Rich was and is being sabotaged from within his own company. There are still people working there who are sharing and leaking company information with former employees such as this disgruntled one while the true loyal ones, the ones working endless hours for the greater good are thrown under the bus. Childish. Tacky. Unprofessional. What goes around comes around.