Amazing Chocolate Whey Protein Flavor! | Redcon1 RATION

Amazing Chocolate Whey Protein Flavor! | Redcon1 RATION



This is on my next big purchase list, the only two questions I have are how much of it is hydrolysate and what grade of hydrolysate is it?


Don’t know. Proprietary blend


Bums me out when companies don’t show both the ratios of protein “types” (isolate, concentrate, egg, whey, casein, etc…) or the amino acid profiles. One or the other generally makes me comfortable enough to buy.

I’ll definetly give Spartan Whey a shot if they have a good introductory sale.


@mattceno Any chance you could chime in on this?


So better or worse than Isotope’s chocolate flavor?


Chances of them disclosing or even knowing the grade is very slim


Haven’t tried it as far as I know or anyone else on the PP squad


Half of the protein blend is hydrolysate. Unlike Concentrate, Hydrolysate does not come in different concentration levels


It does depending on the level of hydrolysis


Sorry when I said grade I mean its DH value. Which is the value of how much it is broken down.