Alpha Lion Delivers Bigger Pumps and Better Hydration with Gains Candy HydroPrime

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Alpha Lion is a brand known for bringing new, cutting-edge sports nutrition ingredients to market, such as GlucoVantage, CaloriBurn, MitoBurn, and now, HydroPrime. The majority of these innovative ingredients are used in comprehensive formulas. The Gains Candy Series continues to grow! For example, MitoBurn is used in the fat-burning pre-workout,… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

So they are taking glycerol, and mixing it 2 to 1 with silica to turn it into a powder, so they can put it into a capsule, so they can put it into a bottle, so someone can swallow half a dozen pills before their workout and in the process of doing this, have increased the cost of the ingredient by over 25 fold for no additional benefit.



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