Alpha ISO Whey Honey Granola - $8.00

Alpha ISO Whey Honey Granola - $8.00


For my ballers on a budget :facepunch:

Only good for the Honey Granola Flavor

Coupon Code: 80HONEYTIME


When does that coupon expire and am I allowed to put it on the PricePlow system?


Expires April 4th, I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to post it. I’m not affiliated with them btw


Flavor on the other one was horrid, hopefully this one is better, if you get it write a review.


Got this in the mail today.

Flavor: 6 out of 10

I mixed this with 8oz of liquid(Almond Milk) as per the instructions on the bottle. The initial flavor is actually pretty good, it taste very similar to granola, but the aftertaste is horrible. It has a very bitter chemical aftertaste the ruins the flavor. I’m going to try mixing it with water tomorrow to see if that changes anything.


Damn, Was hoping for better. But I guess when there is a discount that deep , its about what you would expect.