ALLMAX Lawsuit – Class Action Filed on HexaPro

ALLMAX Lawsuit – Class Action Filed on HexaPro

In the latest installment on the “amino acid protein spiking” fiasco, it has been made public that a class action lawsuit has been filed against ALLMAX Nutrition, with respect to their HexaPro protein powder. The file was made public a couple of weeks ago on November 19, 2014, and is …
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Time to pay the piper! The first of many who need to be held accountable for their misleadings of the consumers!!

We shall see. In many cases, class action lawsuits only benefit the lawyers. But this law firm seems to have an actual axe to grind (they're big into fitness). So I'm not so sure if they even WANT a settlement that doesn't have industry-wide benefits.

We shall see....


What's the latest on the AllMax Hexapro? A local shop here is willing to cut a deal on this protein/stack, but this lawsuit has me worried.

Is it the new red hexagon lid? That one should be fine.

It is. Thank you for clarifying, Mike!

Note that we haven't seen any lab tests on those, but you gotta assume it's clean after TWO lawsuits. How crazy would you be to not test and verify your stuff after Hi-Tech and Class Action lawyers are already suing you?!?!?!?! But who knows until there's actual full amino panels, and those cost $2000 :/

Right? At this point, anything can happen in the supplement industry. I'm curious to see what Ghost is releasing. It looks like a pre-workout perhaps? All I know is the bottle is black. Any inside as to what it is?

We do but we're under a casual NDA so not going to release. I'll tell you that I think the product is a very good idea and the ingredient mix is smart, if it's the product I'm thinking of!

Ah, understood. When you're allowed to release information, please let us know!