ALCAR source

ALCAR source

Just wondering if anyone has favorite ALCAR sources based on quality, cost etc. going to be using in conjunction with X-Gels. Also, does the raw powder have any taste? Thanks!


I’ve never had the raw powder of ALCAR but I’ve heard not-great things (probably nothing compared to the wretched, primordial terror of Arginine powder, but still wouldn’t risk it).

Nutrabio makes an ALCAR, but I’m not picky about my sources of Carnitine and have used everything form the MAN Liquid Carnitine to Kaged Muscle’s Carnipure. If I wanted ALCAR specifically I’d go NutraBio all day.

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NutraBio is always a good choice


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Forgot to say, ALCAR tastes quite sour/bad from what I remember. It can be masked quite easily though… going off of memory


@Clipper83 is on point… You’re a glutton for punishment if you take it straight, but pretty easy to flavor the bitter/sour out. Especially since you only need such a small dose at a time. Pair it with pretty much anything you think taste good and you’ll be fine.


Never taken it raw (twss) but i’ve mixed it with Crystal Lite and if anything the slight sour made the flavor better.

Smells exactly like salt and vinegar chips.

E: oh i just use BulkSupps because it’s cheap


I remember some ALCAR capsules I had that distinctly smelled of garlic. :face_vomiting:

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Pure Bulk and whole slew of other powder retailers…


I’ve never seen capsules anywhere close to the value you can get from powder. And the flavor is bitter, but covers easy as others have said. I’ve dosed as high as 6 grams (don’t recommend, causes GI issues) in a preworkout and never had an issue with flavor.

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