A Quick Review of Matt Townson's Box of Goodness

recently traded some Proven Egg for what i thought was a few RTDs, but @Matt_Towson sent me a ton of stuff, so i thought it would be fun, to give a quick review of each and everything item I received as i try them, or read the label and throw them out (this may happen).

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1st up was my morning shake…

mixed it with roughly 6 oz of whole milk.

I liked it, but there wasn’t a strong cinnamon, it had a Caramel like taste to it, i almost can see this as the base to the Banana Nut Bourbon Protein they make.

Good but not what i’d expect or want from a Cinnamon flavored product.

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I wasn’t a huge fan of it either - a little bland for me.

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the best c4 rtd flavor imo

i am not a fan of Orange soda, crush, drink, etc… but respect just how well this flavor was done.

highly recommend it, i treat it as an energy drink and not a preworkout


100% Agree
Cotton Candy is not far behind it which is stellar and beats Bang IMO

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Was it your first time with this flavor?

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yes, i had a sampler of all the flavors when they were released, a case of cotton candy as well.

if i recall i liked the Limeade best.

Have not tried Midnight Cherry yet!?

i have not… but it will be hard pressed to match this…

in retrospect, i loved them both.


Midnight Cherry is like Xtend Perform Black Cherry carbonated IMO
Different then a cherry cola.

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then i don’t like it :slight_smile:

Hahaha. You’re like me. Certain flavors I won’t bother to try unless they show up on my doorstep.

The C4 natural energy RTDs are horrible.


I wasn’t a fan either. Lol.

They used the cheap stevia, hence the aftertaste

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would legit love this at 200 mg of caffeine or under, i have enuff stims in my life as is