A poll about daily ergogenics and flavoring

Didn’t there used to be an actual poll option?

Anyhow, this is all very hypothetical, and by no means should you all be looking out for Caribou Mountain supplements arriving on shelves near you Q3 2019, but I’d like to pick y’all’s minds about what you’d like from something you had to take every day.

The way I’ve been pondering it, there are 3 real ways to go about it.

  • Enough flavoring to mix into a fairly large amount of water, i.e., into the brojugs so you could sip on it all day instead of chugging it down
  • No flavoring at all so that users don’t get tired of the same thing every day, they can add it into what they want (Tang, Gatorade, into their shakes, whatever)
  • Just stick to the tried and true proportions of enough flavoring to mix into 8-16oz of water

Obviously for pre- and post-workouts, the final option is the best, but daily ergogenics are a unique category. What do you guys think?

  • Large amount of flavoring to drink all day
  • No flavoring
  • Normal amount of flavoring (8-16 oz)

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I personally was a huge fan of PES Ergonine. Very strong in flavor and could use 1 scoop in 28-45oz of water (larger blender bottles). It had a solid profile, but it just happen to hit the cutting block because it did not sell well.

I sip on it throughout the day., Plus it has many performance, recovery, and endurance benefits which is great to have on both training and non training days.


There is, its a bit hidden in the cog icon

  • Large amount of flavoring to drink all day(above 16 oz)
  • No flavoring
  • Normal amount of flavoring(8-16 oz)
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Ah, thanks a bunch, added to the OP

nanaberry was awesome

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Bob furious about Ergonine dead. It’s like they killed his favorite character in Season 5 or something!! But you’re right, great profile, great deals, no mess.

Shift + Yohimbine can do similar stuff in the weight loss world too.

Anyway, for this kind of supplement, I don’t consider it a “slow sipper”, so I’d shoot for ~12oz.

I only have 14 tubs of it stashed away because I use it everyday.

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Damn! I’ve got one tub I’m using right now and I find the flavor abhorrent frankly. Maybe I need to water it down a ton

Use at least 30oz of water. it is VERY Strong.

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