A “Feel Better” Stack?

Took a year off from the gym. Life got crazy. I stopped anything and everything health and supplement related. Stopped eating clean, and stopped even caring about my physique.

Ive been going through some tough family related health stuff, and it finally hit me. I’ve noticed this year alone has been one long string of me feeling like absolute garbage.

I’ve been sick off and on for months. I constantly feel tired, bloated, anxious, irritable, etc. My kids were sick for a little while with some weird sinus and upper respiratory bug so I kinda just wrote it off as me catching what they had.

It’s definitely not that. It’s my health. Recently even my face has started breaking out pretty bad (I’m 31 years old… it’s embarrassing AF). I’m just overall in a bad way with stress and poor lifestyle choices and I really want to get back into the gym and start taking care of myself again.

I’m not looking to go crazy on supps like I used to. I honestly would just like some recommendations on some staple supplements for overall good health. Looking to build a base so I can build off that down the road. Right now I take a Multi Vitamin, along with vitamin D, C, and Zinc.

I’ve been looking into some cognitive supplements for focus and sustained energy (trying to minimize caffeine). Possibly a hydration supplement and something for gut health? Suggestions are appreciated!

I’ve said before, absolutely everyone should be taking creatine. And most people shouldn’t worry about trying to minimize caffeine.

As for a lot of your other complaints, I think just cleaning up your diet would solve a lot of things for you.


Gut health will improve with better food choices.

I’d add in a magnesium supplement


Personally, I’ve been using BiOptimizers CogniBiotic and MassZymes. Love both of those products. Plus I agree wtih what @Devin_Foley stated above.


I’d like to add in Ashwagandha to help with the negative side effects of too much stress


Great suggestion