700 Rep Leg Day | PricePlow Daily #18

700 Rep Leg Day | PricePlow Daily #18



Shout out to @TheChadd in this one!


Glad the tubs are going into very appreciative hands :grin:! That shit gave me the ever-so-slightest tension headache. I went through half a tub before I isolated it to the Off the Chain. I’m not sure if it was the DMAA or the caffeine combination in there that caused it :stuck_out_tongue:


The real question is, what flavor of MRE were you rocking there?


They have the banana nut bread tub I brought in to review… review should get up soon! We just posted Aaron’s interview on MRE Bars from LA Fit Expo so we gotta take a couple days off before blasting the RedCon1 list again :space_invader: