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Could be 90%, still wouldn’t buy BPI


I used to be a BPI Rep. I’m not bashing BPI because they gave an a great opportunity to work with them. Being said, I get the backlash they have been getting.

I respect that BPI made a conscious effort to have their products Chromodex tested, because they want to show consumers they are getting lab tested/proven dosages and full label transparency.

The company has come a long way in recent years but many of their products aren’t very useful. They are creative for sure (berberine infused Creatine, the keto line of supps, soda BCAAs, etc…) but there is a reason they are usually bogo deals. Being said, that makes them pretty affordable for people on a budget.

I don’t use any of their supplements but I hope they right the ship. ISO-HD s’mores is still a pretty decent tasting protein.

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I still never understood what exactly their Chromadex partnership was, nor would they ever answer any questions about it. The video they put out explaining it was absolutely incomprehensible. I should dig it up for the lulz

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Oh, It’s lulz worthy alright!

So it’s 3rd party tested, but who do we think paid for and sponsored the chromodex testing?!? Haha.

Something to consider…

Yeah, that was the craziest stuff. “This company third party tests everything, but we will never let you see the results, and there is no way to contact anyone to ask questions about any of it.”

I sometimes buy ISO-HD or Whey-HD when they’re down to like, $7.99 a tub at Grocery Outlet but otherwise I don’t touch BPI. Sucks because their flavoring is some of the best in the industry, everything else is just… not so much.


Yup. I did like the berberine infused Creatine. It gave some killer pumps if taken preworkout with carbs.

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